Red Oak ISD Implements Strict Enforcement of Dress Code Following Incident

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Red Oak ISD Will Ramp Up Enforcement of No Head Coverings To Address Security Concerns

Today at Red Oak High School an “unauthorized visitor” was reported on campus which led the campus to go into what they call an “on hold” status. Red Oak’s Executive Director of Communications stated “ROHS is an a short hold while we address a non-threatening unauthorized visitor. We remind all families that former students and students from other districts are not allowed on campus! Thank you for your patience, and thanks to students who reported this person.”

Parents took to social media to report what they were hearing from their students. A video was shared showing what other students referred to as “DeSoto students smoking in the bathroom.” Focus has not confirmed whether those on the video are from DeSoto.

Beth Trimble addressed the security concerns of parents with this response, “We are ramping up enforcement of no head coverings, it is too easy for non-students to enter anonymously when they blend in and we cannot identify our students. The unauthorized guests will be charged.”

Thus today, following the end of classes, parents were notified of a change to the dress code that is effective immediately.

Below is the statement sent to parents:

Hawk Nation,

Spring has sprung and we have six weeks of school remaining.

However, we need to address a situation that is causing safety concerns and will be effective immediately – Wednesday, April 20 – at all Red Oak ISD schools.

Students MUST remove any hood or head coverings when entering or in the school buildings. Not doing so, makes it hard to identify unauthorized campus visitors versus our students.

We have been too lenient, allowing students to enter and remove them during the day or once in class. However, student and staff safety is the top priority and this has become an issue with identifying non-students which is a major factor in that safety.
Dress Menu Guideline Reminders –

• Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to wear caps, hats, hoods, or head coverings inside the building at any time, unless for religious reasons.

• In addition, all sweatshirts and pullover hoodies worn in school MUST be in approved colors – solid white, gray, maroon, black, or navy. Red Oak logos and Red Oak artwork are allowed on zip-up and pullover hoodies; any other logos must be smaller than 1½ inches by 1½ inches.

• Outer coats/jackets may be any color but MUST be removed when entering the school building.

We also remind parents, students, and staff that all visitors MUST check in at the front office and receive a visitor badge. Former students, non-student siblings, and students from other campuses should not be on ROISD campuses during the school day.

Please have a conversation with your children as we will begin strict enforcement on Wednesday, April 20.

We appreciate your support in this matter of student safety.


One parent commented on the ROISD announcement, “I understand that you are doing everything to keep our kids safe but I want to be notified of incidents like this. Handle the situation but then something needs to be sent out to the parents. This administration needs to be more transparent.”

Transparency and more communication from school districts seems to be a recurring theme in schools across the country. Parents become concerned and frustrated with districts don’t send out formal communication explaining incidents on campus that may impact student security.

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