Ready to Play Cedar Hill-Opoly?

Cedar Hill opoly

Cedar Hill-Opoly is Happening Now Through May 31

Alright Cedar Hill residents it’s time to get out and explore your city with Cedar Hill-opoly! How’s your selfie game? Time to kick it up, because to play this game you need to take a selfie at each of the locations on the game board.

This would be a fun project for the family or for your co-workers. Collect your selfies, then submit photos with the completed game board as a group to by June 1, 2021!

Each location will have a yard sign indicating the location name and color coding. You’ll get a participant t-shirt for playing, available for pick-up at the Alan E Sims Recreation Center, while supplies last. And, in addition to bragging rights, you are also eligible for PRIZES after completing a section of the game board from a randomly selected business/organization, while supplies last.

Cedar Hill opoly

The event ends on May 31, 2021 but photos must be submitted by June 1, 2021. Locations include the Cedar Hill Police Department, hope you have a get out of free jail card! When you visit the Tri-City animal shelter, you can make a donation or adopt a new pet. Make sure to get some reading materials at the Zula B. Wylie library or check out their events calendar.

Who knows maybe you’ll discover a favorite new park or make some new friends?