Ready to Play Cedar Hill-Opoly?

Cedar Hill opoly

Cedar Hill-Opoly is Happening Now Through May 31

Alright Cedar Hill residents it’s time to get out and explore your city with Cedar Hill-opoly! How’s your selfie game? Time to kick it up, because to play this game you need to take a selfie at each of the locations on the game board.

This would be a fun project for the family or for your co-workers. Collect your selfies, then submit photos with the completed game board as a group to [email protected]com by June 1, 2021!

Each location will have a yard sign indicating the location name and color coding. You’ll get a participant t-shirt for playing, available for pick-up at the Alan E Sims Recreation Center, while supplies last. And, in addition to bragging rights, you are also eligible for PRIZES after completing a section of the game board from a randomly selected business/organization, while supplies last.

Cedar Hill opoly
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The event ends on May 31, 2021 but photos must be submitted by June 1, 2021. Locations include the Cedar Hill Police Department, hope you have a get out of free jail card! When you visit the Tri-City animal shelter, you can make a donation or adopt a new pet. Make sure to get some reading materials at the Zula B. Wylie library or check out their events calendar.

Who knows maybe you’ll discover a favorite new park or make some new friends?




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