Powerball jackpot is now an estimated $526 million, Lotto Texas offering estimated $34.75 million jackpot prize

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AUSTIN – Here we roll again! After there were no winners for Monday night’s Powerball® and Lotto Texas® jackpot drawings, Texas Lottery® players will now get an exclusive chance to play for the two largest jackpot prizes in North America on the same night – tonight, Jan. 25. The Powerball jackpot stands as the largest on the continent at an estimated annuitized $526 million with an estimated cash value worth $284 million, while Lotto Texas offers the second-largest jackpot prize in North America – an estimated annuitized $34.75 million with an estimated cash value of $21 million.

“Tonight, Texas Lottery players have the rare opportunity to win both of the largest jackpots in North America on the same night,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Our players’ excitement for the large jackpots we’re seeing early in 2023 has been fun to watch. Texas is due for a Powerball jackpot winner and I especially look forward to congratulating the biggest Lotto Texas jackpot winner the game has had in more than two years. As these jackpots continue to grow to high levels, we want to remind our players to play responsibly. It only takes one ticket to win.”

Wednesday’s Powerball drawing will be the 29th in the current Powerball jackpot run since starting as an estimated annuitized $20 million for the Nov. 21, 2022 drawing. This Powerball jackpot is the largest since the world record estimated annuitized $2.04 billion Grand Prize for the drawing held on Nov. 7, 2022, which was won out-of-state. If there is no jackpot winner for tonight’s Powerball drawing, the Grand Prize for the Saturday, Jan. 28 drawing will roll to an estimated annuitized $572 million.

Texas joined the multijurisdictional Powerball game in 2010 and had its first Powerball Grand Prize winner in 2013 when Paul McDowell of Bells claimed the advertised $40 million jackpot prize from the May 29, 2013 drawing. Texas had its most recent Grand Prize winner in February 2015 when TL Management Trust, Andrew Weber, Trustee of Austin, claimed a share of the $564.1 million Grand Prize with two other winners.

During the current jackpot run, two Texas Lottery players have won second-tier Powerball prizes of $1 million. A Fort Worth resident claimed a $1 million second-tier prize for the drawing held on Nov. 21, 2022, and a Del Valle resident claimed a second-tier prize worth $1 million for the Jan. 16 drawing.

Wednesday’s Lotto Texas drawing will be the 56th in the current jackpot run since starting as an estimated annuitized $5 million for the Sept. 19, 2022 drawing. This is the largest Lotto Texas jackpot up for grabs since the Sept. 30, 2020 drawing when it reached an estimated $47 million, which was claimed by a Seguin resident who purchased the winning ticket at Pic N Pac 10 in Seguin. If there is no jackpot winner for tonight’s Lotto Texas drawing, the jackpot prize for the Saturday, Jan. 28 drawing will roll to an estimated annuitized $35.5 million.

In 2022, there were six Lotto Texas jackpot winners. The game’s most recent jackpot winner was a Katy resident that claimed an jackpot prize worth an estimated $19 million for the drawing held on Sept. 17, 2022; the claimant selected the cash value option at the time of purchase and received $11,992,501.82 before taxes. The largest Lotto Texas jackpot in game history was an advertised $145 million prize for the June 19, 2004, drawing, which was sold in El Paso and claimed by VOM Enterprises, Ltd.

Powerball Grand Prizes currently start at $20 million and roll until the jackpot is won. Players win the Grand Prize by matching five numbers from a field of 69 numbers and one Powerball number from a field of 26 numbers. By choosing Power Play® for $1 more per Play, players can multiply their non-Grand Prize winnings by two, three, four, five or 10 times*. A Power Play Match Five (5+0) prize is set at $2 million regardless of the Power Play number selected. All other non-Grand Prizes will be multiplied by the Power Play number selected. *The 10X Power Play multiplier is available for drawings in which the initially advertised annuitized Grand Prize amount is $150 million or less.

Lotto Texas is played by picking six numbers from one to 54 and offers multimillion-dollar jackpots. For $1 more per Play, a player can select the Extra! add-on feature for a chance to win up to $10,000 more on non-jackpot prizes.

Drawings for both games are broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:12 p.m. CT. Ticket sales for the next Powerball drawing will close at 9 p.m. CT on Wednesday, while sales for Lotto Texas tickets will close at 10:02 p.m. CT on Wednesday.