Oak Cliff Pilates Empowers People Through Fitness

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Oak Cliff Pilates Emphasizes Increasing Physical & Mental Strength

One of the most talked about small businesses in Oak Cliff is secluded upstairs in an older building on Davis Street, where Amanda Mecsey helps her clients get stronger and leaner – slowly. Each movement is extended to help clients to safely stretch and gain muscle, while increasing both physical and mental strength.

The Oak Cliff Pilates (OCP) Facebook page explains this in detail:

Where we challenge ourselves
Where we push ourselves
Where we grow
Where we accomplish goals
Where we find our motivation
Where we burn + sweat it out!!!!

Levels of Intensity

Pilates is about working all the muscles of the body together, in a way that they should be engaging in healthy alignment and healthy human movement. Pilates involves precise moves and specific breathing techniques. It can be intense, but also can be adjusted to work for nearly everyone, from older adults looking for a daily movement regimen to help with their strength training and balance, to teenage dancers supplementing their cardio workouts to gain strength and better body movement.

Oak Cliff Pilates founder Amanda Mecsey says, “Our mission is to put our people first. Take care of our trainers, cultivate our community, and harness the power of our ‘hood.”

Amanda’s background

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Amanda attended McClintock High School, “Home of the Chargers!” in Tempe, Arizona, where she played Soccer both for the school and for a premier Arizona club team, Sereno Soccer Club. Then, she went on to Mesa College on an athletic scholarship for Soccer and finally Metropolitan State University in Denver.

She graduated with a degree in sociology and continued to cosmetology school. Her first job out of school was as a hair stylist at Crimpers Hair Salon in Chandler, Arizona.

Few people know that Amanda was an outstanding amateur athlete before she became a Pilates instructor. “I played left defender at Mesa College and still hold the record for the most career assists.” And, she has another talent: “I am really good at snowboarding. I spent a lot of time in my early twenties on the mountain.”

Inspiration to Mothers

Now she is an inspiration to mothers. Her toughest time in life came as a young mother. “When we moved from Arizona in 2014, I had a one-year-old and four-year-old, and I didn’t know anyone here. I had given up most of my career as a hair stylist and felt lost.”

Amanda started working out at a local Pilates studio and met some friends who have continued to be some of our closest friends today. “I started teaching Pilates and developed a passion for it, before moving to Oak Cliff. Through the power of friends and fitness I evolved as a person and continued my passion of Pilates to my business today.”

Like many small businesses, Oak Cliff Pilates began in 2016 out of her house.
“I was teaching Mat Pilates in the park and doing private Reformer classes out of my living room,” she remembers. “I continued to build a following and, working with a local gym, helped build a local Pilates studio and a strong community. In June of 2021, I parted ways with the old gym and opened my own location, Oak Cliff Pilates at 428 W. Davis St. Suite 3.”

Building Muscles and Relationships

The beautiful studio combines the vintage building’s original bones coupled with brand new cutting-age Pilate’s equipment. Her gym is used daily to help strengthen the clients who use them. Reservations for a spot are encouraged as her classes fill up quickly.

Amanda says, “It brings me immense joy to empower people of our amazing neighborhood through fitness. I love working with all of our members and cultivating a relationship and helping people beyond a normal workout.”

Amanda’s relationships with her clients make her more than just a coach because she is considered a friend. One who “kicks your butt!”

Sports Are a Big Part Of Her Personal Life

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Her closest friend is her significant other, Kiel Jared, whom she met in Temple, Arizona on Halloween, “Our favorite holiday!” They have an awesome dog named Jethro, two cats named Luna and Star, and a Leopard Gecko named Teriyaki.

When she’s not in her gym helping her clients get stronger, she takes care of her two boys who both play hockey and soccer. She also wakes up early to run and recently completed her first Marathon. But, she admits, “I spend a lot of time at the Pilates Studio.”

A serious athlete herself, she would love to meet pro tennis player Serena Williams one day. “She is the most incredible, talented athlete on the planet, and an inspiration to everyone, especially women.”

Oak Cliff Pilates is part of the BISHOP ARTS FITNESS FESTIVAL happening this weekend. The event will feature workouts, holiday shopping, cocktails, giveaways and more.
Amanda says, “We are honored to join @denovoactive and @thefamilyplace for a Bishop Arts Community fitness event!” Amanda is inviting the public to come check out her class.