Ways Target Is Making Holiday Shopping Safe & Easy

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If you haven’t noticed the beginning of shipping delays, consider yourself one of the “lucky ones”. It’s not even November and we’ve already seen packages experience delays, and none of them are weather related. So  the lesson, start your holiday shopping early and have a Plan B.

While we encourage all of our readers to shop locally when possible, and support your neighbor’s small business, we know sometimes you have to go where the toys are in stock. Of course nothing ruins a leisurely stroll through the aisles of Target like a long line at check out. Or…in the midst of the pandemic and flu season, a cough or sneeze within earshot is also an unwelcome stressor.

Target is introducing even more ways to make it easier on both their shoppers and their employees. Just in time for the holidays, they are adding more new safety features on top along with enhancements across Target’s contactless same-day pickup and delivery services.

Enjoy contactless payment

Already love using the Target app’s “Wallet” mobile payment option to pay contact-free at the cash registers? Get the same speedy experience at self-checkout stations – no picking up the hand scanner required. When you’re done scanning your items, just scan your Wallet barcode in the product scanning area to complete the transaction.

Skip the checkout line

Have you stood in line at a grocery store recently? Were you watching anxiously as the person behind you continued getting closer and closer? No problem, Target has equipped team members with 1,000 more handheld MyCheckout devices at stores across the country. So, skip the dreaded line and check out from anywhere inside the store.

Make a shopping reservation

There may be crowds, and you probably want to avoid them.Visit Target.com/line to see if there’s a line outside your store and if so, instantly reserve your spot.

Double the number of Drive Up spots

That’s nearly 8,000 additional parking spaces across the country.

Drive Up is easier and more socially distanced.

Instead of a barcode scan, simply show your app with the personal ID number through the car window.

Plans change? Stuck in traffic? No problem.

Just use the Target app to adjust your preference between Order Pickup and Drive Up in real time.

And don’t forget to check out the exclusive toys being offered by Target this year, available in stores and online at Target.com.