INDI ONE Electric Smart Car With Onboard Supercomputer

INDI ONE electic vehicle
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INDI ONE EV With Supercomputer

For many of us, time in our car is a chance for us to decompress, unplug, crank up the radio and enjoy the open road…when there’s not traffic of course. But, have you ever wanted to use that “downtime” to multi-task? Personally, my answer is NO. However, the folks at  INDI EV, a company specializing in the design of the next generation of electric vehicles, disagree with me.

Today they announced the launch of the revolutionary INDI ONE, a five-passenger family crossover representing the future of smart mobility. From their press release, INDI ONE, will be “the first vehicle to have an integrated supercomputer specifically to enrich the driving and digital life experience”.

INDI ONE is a vehicle that allows drivers to create content and engage with audiences. Um, what kind of content is one creating while driving to work or to pick up the kids from school? They continue, it “assists with everyday life tasks, and offers an impressive range of customizable hardware and software features”. So, it’s like Siri or Alexa for my car?

Created in Los Angeles, the INDI ONE is unique from other electric vehicles in the space thanks to its VIC (Vehicle Integrated Computer), the first ever in-vehicle integrated supercomputer. Supported by an open-sourced network and Software Development Kit for third-party developers, VIC is an integrated supercomputer offering any array of media hardware as the central heart and offers services such as Life Assistant, a personalized virtual assistant equipped to learn your habits and enhance your life. Do I need my vehicle to learn my habits? I’m leaning towards this sounds kind of creepy.

‘You Do You’

“We at INDI EV saw a disconnect in the software experience when consumers transition from using their computers and phones to getting into their cars,” said Andre Hudson, INDI EV Head of Design. “Enabled by an electric vehicle platform, we saw an opportunity to bridge this gap and elevate what your vehicle can enable you to do with INDI ONE. We see cars as more than just a mode of transportation but as a device that empowers the ‘you do you’ mentality. Through smart design, artificial intelligence, and unparalleled customization features, we’re expanding the horizons of how your vehicle can support your life.”

Apparently the advanced software with the VIC will allow riders to capture content while on trips with the many interior and exterior cameras, live stream videos, and even shoot, edit and upload content to the cloud – all from inside the vehicle. Okay, so if I’m on a family road trip my car can capture all of our memories, and we can share them with family and friends. No more wrestling with the GoPro, the INDI ONE records all the action inside and out. Am I the only one wondering why anyone wants to watch my kids argue in the backseat or ask ‘how much longer’ for the 100th time?

I guess if you’ve been sitting around just waiting for the day for an EV to arrive that can multi-task for you, learn your habits, record your trips to soccer practice, then check out the INDI ONE. However, I prefer my car to be fun yet safe to drive, I can multitask when I’m not enjoying the open road.

Launching 4th Quarter 2022

The launch edition of INDI ONE is targeted to arrive in the last quarter of 2022 with an expected MSRP of USD $45,000. The launch edition will float on an adjustable air-ride suspension, maximizing both off-road clearance and aerodynamic efficiency. The all-wheel-drive platform contains a modularized 95KW battery capable of a 275-mile range and a zero to 60 time of five and a half seconds, with 22-inch wheels adding to the athletic stance.

INDI EV was also developed to be conscious of the impact on future generations. The company’s supplier network provides recyclable materials with shorter production times, resulting in less energy and a lower carbon footprint.