“Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga” Book Review

Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga

Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga

Mark Greathouse offers the first book in a new series, “Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga.” The tale focuses on a part of Texas known as the Nueces Strip. In 1856 the strip was nothing but a vast, lawless landscape located in Deep South Texas (Corpus Christi to Laredo). It was filled with renegade Mexicans, outlaws, Comanche, and other folks of dubious character.

Into this environment only Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn stands between a nearly broke, recently admitted state and lawlessness that covers hundreds of square miles. Dunn is an Irish immigrant turned lawman who delivers justice while forging a life on the Texas frontier. He usually works alone with no pay as the Rangers have been defunded with a financial future looking as bleak as the present. He has developed a personal quest for bringing lawbreakers to justice, even if that means more dead than alive.

The Comanche call Dunn “Ghost-Who-Rides.” Beautiful young Elisa’s heart is set on fire for her Ranger Captain. Thieving Carlos Perez seeks vengeance over the eye Dunn took. While Bad Bart Strong seeks to kill a Ranger to enhance his reputation. Dick Cavendish and his whore, Scarlet, create their own crime wave. Everything converges in little Nuecestown, Texas.

Action-Filled Look at Early Texas History

“Nueces Justice” is an exciting, action-filled book that, though a work of fiction, fully exposes the reader to what Texas was like during this era. Characters are vividly described and can be easily imagined to have existed during this critical time in Texas History.

Greathouse does an excellent job in his story of a lone Texas Ranger traversing this outlaw land called the Nueces Strip, protecting the innocent through weaponry skills and cunning passion to provide instant justice to an army of lawbreakers.

Greathouse holds a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from American University. A published author of fiction and poetry, he is a member of several poetry societies. He delivers compelling, life-impacting YouTube videos under the pseudonym Tumbleweed. Greathouse enjoys sports, arts, and craft hobbies. He, his wife, and two sons live in Southern Pennsylvania, and he dreams of the day he can retire to Texas with his Irish-Texas family.

“Nueces Justice” is set to release on July 30. Available from amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, booksamillion.com, indiebound.org, and Walmart for $22.50. For more information, visit defiancepress.com.