Judd Builds A Bridge To Online Orchestra Education

Elizabeth Judd
Cedar Hill High School Orchestra Director Elizabeth Judd. Photo courtesy Cedar Hill ISD

Learning Orchestra Online Has Its Own Challenges

(CEDAR HILL, TX) Elizabeth Judd speaks with a Cedar Hill High School Orchestra Scholar, via Zoom Call.

“That’s it! – That’s the E-Note,” said Judd, the CHHS Orchestra Director. “Eeeee! Sing that note with me, now play it.”

Instructing scholars online during “virtual office hours” is quite a departure for Judd, who has spent all 32 years of her professional life teaching music, in person, to scholars in the Best Southwest, and in her home state of Illinois.

“There you go,” Judd says into the computer. “That’s how you find it.”

She is providing encouragement with a show of two thumbs up that was every bit as enthusiastic as Siskel & Ebert.

“That was wonderful,” Judd tells the scholar. “And you’re sounding great. Just use your ears and sing the pitch.”

Judd said the shift to Flex Learning was a challenge, but she has worked hard in order to help her 130 scholars, not only in Orchestra, but Musical Theatre and Advanced Placement Music Theory.

“Last spring was really hard, but since we’ve returned, it’s been much, much better,” Judd said. “My online competencies have increased. I ask the younger teachers, and they’ve been wonderful.”

Judd is in her third year working at Cedar Hill High School where her daughter, Meagan Kone, teaches Forensic Science.

Judd graduated from the University of Texas-Arlington with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from the VanderCook College of Music in Chicago.

She is looking forward to seeing some of her scholars return for in-person traditional learning on October 6.

“I’ve missed the kids – it’s nice to be back,” Judd said.