Get Your Thai Food Fix At Tie Thai Restaurant In Midlothian

Tie Thai Midlothian

Midlothian used to be a small town with mostly local restaurants, but recent growth has brought more big chains to the area. Locals often take to Facebook to complain about the number of boring chicken and burger restaurants. The general consensus, they’d prefer more dining options that aren’t available in other cities. Within a mile of downtown Midlothian you’ll find three Mexican restaurants, three Italian restaurants, and a local burger place. Venture out a little further and you’ll see the national chicken and burger chains. So when a Thai restaurant opened at the corner of 663 and 287, diners got excited for a new option. (1601 S. 9th Street)

Tie Thai is the third restaurant venture for Owner/Chef Chanipun Corcoran and Charles Corcoran. The couple have owned a popular Tie Thai restaurant in downtown Fort Worth for ten years, and have been offering fine Asian dining to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. Their first Tie restaurant, on Greenville Avenue at Ross in Dallas, was transferred to Chef Chanipun Corcoran’s business partner as a gift.

“We are blessed to be in Midlothian,” Chef Chanipun says. They are now living in Fort Worth and Dallas, but are halfway finished building a new home in Midlothian, she said.

Tie Thai Reviews

Tie Thai has received good reviews from local diners since its opening at 1601 S. 9th Street in Midlothian two months ago. Chef Chanipun says they are at 50% occupancy. Their restaurant was never completely closed during Covid-19 since they continued to offer to go service during that time. She said their three best-selling menu items are Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice and Orange Chicken.

Tie Thai opens in Midlothian
Tie Thai orange chicken

Pad Thai features rice noodles in classic Pad Thai sauce with egg, green onion and peanut, $10.95 (or $8.95 on lunch menu). Thai Fried Rice with golden brown sauce, egg, tomato and onion, priced at $10.95, is another best-seller. Orange Chicken (citrus orange sauce over crispy fried chicken with onion, bell pepper, carrot and broccoli, $12.95) is another top selling item.

Most of their dishes are based on traditional recipes handed down from their grandparents in the Bangkok region of Thailand, where they are from. Some of the special herbs used in preparing Tie Thai’s dishes are flown in from their homeland in Thailand. So far we’ve seen rave reviews on the spicy basil, fried rice Thai tea and drunken noodles.

The dessert menu features Sticky Rice with custard ($4.95) or with ice cream ($5.95), along with a number of other sweet treats. A special lunch menu is served from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and features a wide variety of dishes. Tie Thai is open for inside dining, take-out or delivery from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, call 214-817-8444 or visit them online at

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