Duncanville Council Incumbents Reelected, Gooden Takes At Large Spot

De Monica Gooden
De Monica Gooden courtesy photo

Four Duncanville City Council races were on the May 6 Election Ballot. Official tallies showed Councilman Joe Veracruz was reelected to remain the District 1 representative. Veracruz didn’t draw an opponent in the election. District 3’s incumbent councilman Jeremy Koontz handily defeated his challenger, La’Trena Barrett, 86% to 14%.

In earlier comments to this paper, Koontz said “I believe the Council should not wait for citizens to come to us, but that we should always be actively engaging citizens, meeting them where they are, letting them know what we are doing and why. If citizens are not happy or engaged, then we are failing them as their representatives.”

Jeremy Koontz headshot

In District 5, incumbent councilman Greg Contreras defeated his opponent, Homer Fincannon, by 80% to 20% of the votes.

Councilman Contreras said, “I want to thank all my supporters for honoring me with your votes and for allowing me to continue to represent you as your District 5 City Councilmember. A big thanks also goes out to those of you who helped with my campaign for your efforts and dedication. A special thanks to my wife, Karen for your love, support and tireless work on the campaign from start to finish. I will strive to represent all the people of this district and work towards a better future for all of Duncanville. I hope you will continue to join me in this effort.”

Duncanville council incumbents reelected
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Duncanville Council member at large

In the hotly contested race for the Councilmember at-large place vacated by Councilman Patrick Harvey, DeMonica Gooden won by a 58% to 42% vote. She defeated former City Councilman, Patrick LeBlanc, who ran against Harvey for the position in a prior election.

Gooden, who was profiled in this paper’s election coverage last month, is a longtime employee of the City of Dallas, and is certified in city management. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, with two sons in the military and one who works as a welder.

After the election results were announced, Gooden said, “Duncanville, We Did It! What an exciting time for the citizens of Duncanville. We have a cohesive council that is ready to make our comprehensive plan a reality. Thank you for trusting us and I promise to work hard on your behalf. Love you and God bless!”

Election Watch Party

An election watch party at the Pizza Hut on Cedar Ridge Road in Duncanville was packed with a number of well-wishers and concerned citizens, in spite of persistent rain showers Saturday night. Several former city council members like Grady Smithey and Dorothy Burton, who was first African American council member, and former Mayor David Green, attended.

Burton, who currently serves as President of CIPS, Inc., said, “Moving forward, it will take strong, humble, selfless, and wise leaders with open eyes and discerning hearts. I believe this is what Councilwoman-elect DeMonica Gooden brings to the table. We can’t serve people we refuse to see and we can’t lead people we refuse to love. Duncanville is diverse. And my prayer for her and our leaders is that they have eyes that see the people, ears that hear the people, a heart that loves all the people and that they serve and lead the City of Duncanville with renewed vigor and vision. We have been given new life.”

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