Discount Auto Care in Glenn Heights Might Just Be Temporarily Shut Down

glenn heights protest

Glenn Heights Residents Want Discount Auto Care To Leave The City

GLENN HEIGHTS – While there is no confirmed word if the Discount Auto Care in Glenn Heights is officially closing after last week’s protest, a spokesperson for the city of Glenn Heights said to her knowledge they are only temporarily closed.

The Mayor had no comment by press time. Last week, protesters gathered at the Discount Auto Care Location for four days.

By Saturday most of the protesting had died down.

The incident began when the owner of the auto shop, Mustafa Shawky, called patron Leonardo Allen the n-word among other derogatory phrases after a dispute about some tissue in the store toilet.

The owner, who is North African had allegedly also told Allen to go back to his part of Africa. This statement was reported by Mr. Allen, but was not recorded.

Glenn Heights Mayor Did Not Comment

While the mayor was not speaking, other than saying last Tuesday that he had not been to the protest site because he was at work, Place 3 councilmember Jeremy Woods did speak out.

“The heinous acts of racism that occurred at Discount Auto Care will not be tolerated here in Glenn Heights,” Woods said. “Evil acts as such should be condemned and called out immediately.”

Woods also added that his statements are his alone. They do not reflect the City of Glenn Heights, employees, or the City Council.

Last Friday, two days after the protests began, protesters were across the street from the auto shop. Some carried signs that read “no justice no peace” among other messages.

Glenn Heights protester
Protesters in Glenn Heights last week said they would be there until the Discount Auto Care is officially closed.

The Message: Racism Won’t Be Tolerated

Sonya Brown, Glenn Heights Mayor Pro Tem, Place 1 provided these comments on Friday during the protest, “From what I am understanding Valvoline has made an official statement stating they will no longer offer him any products are services. They do not tolerate racism and they stand with the community. I have also heard several reports that he is shutting down and leaving.”

Brown said she was not 100% sure of that as she had not had the opportunity to confirm it. Brown also said Shawky had referenced the N-word in his mind because it has to do more with character than race.

“He [Shawky] said he is African American,” Brown said. “But his comments were racist when he told Allen to go back to Africa and when you make the sexually explicit comment referencing the mother. It won’t be tolerated.”

“What is next,” Brown added.

She said she has received many messages and phone calls from Glenn Heights residents. The recurring theme, Mustafa does not have good customer service toward any customers.

He originally had an auto shop in DeSoto before moving to Glenn Heights. The Glenn Heights Discount Auto Care has been open less than six months.

Nearby Glenn Heights Businesses

On Friday there was another incident around the corner from Discount Auto Care at the Shell Station.

While Woods showed up for that scuffle he said, “I have no comment on any Shell incidents since those were isolated in nature and did not reflect any portions of our movement against racism at Discount Auto Care.”

Woods said the incident at Shell was between two Caucasian women. It was related to a customer refusing to wear a mask.

“The sole objective of the protest [last week] was to illuminate the issue of racism and eliminate it and to set the precedence that this is not acceptable in any way. We must come together to eliminate any forms of racism, hatred and bigotry,” Woods concluded.