DeSoto Residents Pitch In & Spring Clean The City

two adults and child outside
DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor joins Owen Wright and City Manager Brandon Wright at Elerson Park on Saturday

101 Volunteers Collect 125 Bags of Litter & Fill 7 Trucks

On Saturday morning the City of DeSoto, the DeSoto Parks and Recreation Department, and Keep DeSoto Beautiful joined with civic-minded residents to give DeSoto a good spring cleaning.


101 volunteers joined DeSoto’s Mayor, City Council, and City Manager at seven locations to pick up and bag street litter like beverage bottles, cigar & cigarette packs or wrappers, aluminum cans, plastic bags, and drink cups. They were pretty thorough and collected 125 large bags of trash which was enough to fill the beds of 7 pick-up trucks.


While she was helping with the clean-up at DeSoto’s North Elerson Park near Elerson and Beltline Roads, DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor commented “We are out here helping to keep DeSoto beautiful and keep DeSoto clean, which is one of our priorities. We love our City and work to live up to our reputation of DeSoto being a beautiful and a clean City.”


Here are the locations that were cleaned by DeSoto residents on Saturday, March 26th:


Clean Up Site A – 200 S. Polk St., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site B – 1500 N. Polk St., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site C – 250 N. Elerson Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site D – 1415 N. Cockrell Hill Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site E – 620 S. Westmoreland Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site F – 108 W. Parkerville Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115

Clean Up Site G – 1483 N. Hampton Rd., DeSoto, TX 75115

adults standing by a truck
Another DeSoto Clean Up. This was a clean-up by the City Manager’s Office on Friday morning, March 25th,
near the I-35E service road in DeSoto. From Left to Right, DeSoto Deputy City Manager Kristoff Bauer,
DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright, DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor, and two members of the DeSoto
Parks & Recreation team.

Under DeSoto’s 5-Year Strategic, the City conducts two citywide clean-ups every year. DeSoto’s City Manager’s Office also schedules monthly clean-ups on the last Friday of every month and cleaned-the area around the I-35e frontage road at Wintergreen on Friday, March 25th.


You can view many more photos from our clean-up event on DeSoto’s Facebook page: