DeSoto Presents African American History Month Proclamation

first african american mayor
(LtoR) DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan, State Representative Carl Sherman and wife, Michelle Sherman

DeSoto Mayor Recognizes Sherman As a Trailblazer In The Community

DESOTO – In honor of African American History Month in February the DeSoto City Council presented the city’s proclamation to Texas State Representative, District 109 Carl Sherman. The city of DeSoto is located in Representative Sherman’s district.

Sherman was the first African American mayor in the City of DeSoto. He was elected to that seat in 2010 and re-elected to serve a second term in 2013. Prior to his taking the mayoral seat he was elected to the DeSoto City Council in 2006, serving as Mayor Pro Tem in 2008 and 2009.

Current DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan presented the proclamation to Sherman. Sherman’s wife Michelle was also on hand as Representative Sherman accepted the proclamation.

“Representative Sherman, it is my pleasure to present this proclamation to you in honor of the dynamic and significant services you have made always using your platform to uplift the city of DeSoto and the great State of Texas,” Mayor McCowan said. “He has been council member, Mayor pro tem, Mayor and I could go on listing the things he has done in the community. He was also the Chair of the Chamber Board and President of the Rotary Club – just on and on as it relates to the services that Representative O. Sherman Sr., because there is a Jr., the services that Carl has provided.”

McCowan went on to recognize Sherman as a trailblazer in the community pointing out he is now in Austin doing great things.

The mayor gave a nod to Sherman’s wife too.

“Beside every great man there is a great woman and she was just an amazing first lady let’s give her a hand,” McCowan added.

First African American Mayor in DeSoto

Sherman said he was honored to be presented with the proclamation. After recognizing his wife for her support, he added he was honored to have had the privilege to serve as the first African American mayor in DeSoto.

“There are sometimes unreasonable expectations because there is so much hope in an election that it will mean a seismic change in perhaps policies and practices. Because of your hope vested in me I am proud to say we did accomplish a lot of things during those years. And it is not just good enough to be the first, you want to be relevant. In all those years I never realized how long and how much I was asking of people when I read the proclamations,” Representative Sherman said.

He also thanked Mayor McCowan and the City Council for their hard work. He remarked he knows first-hand the sacrifices they make in the position.

African American History month, also known as Black History Month is observed every year in February. The month is recognized both locally and nationally and has been since 1976. Since that time every American President has officially designated the month of February as African American History month.