Saturday, December 7, 2019
2019 State Fair of texas Grant

DeSoto Resident Tremaine Kemp Receives State Fair of Texas Grant

DeSoto resident Tremaine Kemp recently received a scholarship grant from the State Fair of Texas. Kemp was one of seven recipients awarded Seasonal Employee...
sock drawer

Philosophizing While Cleaning Out My Sock Drawer

  There are times when life is overwhelming. It offers so many choices. There are even some things that need to be done immediately. When...

Bitten On The Thigh

Searcy, Arkansas is a small, quiet hamlet with fewer than 14,000 folks. The town sits northeast of Little Rock, just off Hwy. 67. The...

DeSoto East Middle School Students Thrive Through Daily Mentoring

DESOTO—Today I’d like to take this moment to send a shout out to a few very special young men. These young gentlemen, of their...

A Trip to Mother’s House

(Writer's Note: My mom died several years ago. To commemorate her December birthday, here is a column written while she was still living in...
local starbucks

My Local Starbucks: Longtime Drinker, First Time Caller

COMMENTARY—It's rare that I do this but I wanted to take a minute and express in writing my gratitude for the tremendous service that...

Sports And Life Lessons From My Grandfather

Father’s day is a holiday that is often underappreciated by the mainstream media. Television commercials, advertisements, flower companies and Hallmark cards are dedicated to...
Josh Focus Daily News

Joshua Johnson: I Already Miss You!

How do you say goodbye to someone who you can’t believe is gone? Thirty-six years old and way too young to die. Joshua Johnson, my editor...

In the Blink of an Eye

In June I celebrated my 70th birthday. A life that encompasses more than 25,550 days. Yet for people of faith this is no more...
Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga

“Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga” Book Review

Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga Mark Greathouse offers the first book in a new series, “Nueces Justice: The Tumbleweed Saga.” The tale focuses on a...