BMW M4 Competition Provides Much More than a Gorgeous Exterior!

2022 BMW M4 exterior
Photo by Kristin Barclay

Behind The Wheel of The Ultimate Driving Machine

It will be no surprise to regular readers that one of my favorite brands of vehicles is referred to by many as “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Of course, I am referring to BMW.

This past week I was delighted to learn I would be graced with having a 2022 BMW M4 Convertible to my door. Remembering the temperament of every BMW I have ever driven, I could not wait to get behind the wheel. Although I knew I would not be rocketing the 503 horsepower supercar up to it’s posted top speed of 155 miles per hour. My wife often teases me about my love for speed.

This M4 Competition convertible lives up to the company DNA by shifting seamlessly, but aggressively, through the gears in its 8-speed Drivelogic transmission.

Even more amazing, at least to me, is the base MSRP, which was $86,500. My test model was outfitted with every option BMW offers for this striking convertible.

The camera/radar-based driver assistance system provides partly-automated support to deliver peace of mind. Features like Steering and Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Change Assistant, Emergency Stop Assistant, and Evasion Aid assist the driver during critical driving situations, such as a health emergency or the sudden presence of vehicles or pedestrians in front of the car. It is available for $1700.

The BMW M4 Competition is as beautiful inside as out!

Technology And More

If you frequent areas where parallel parking is often necessary and have serious problems mastering that concept, for only $800 you can add a Parking Assistant Plus feature. Simply drive at a slow speed and this program can find parking spaces on either the right or left side. It offers a camera system that provides an aerial view of your vehicle, and also operates for perpendicular or parallel parking spaces. This semi-autonomous driving feature will take care of steering your car into a parking space. A Back-up Assistant function will steer you out when its time to go with you only needing to control the speed and braking.

The $1,350 Head-up Display option projects a multi-color image that seems to float beyond the windshield, just below your line of vision. It allows you to monitor preferred travel information, BMW Navigation system directional arrows, Infotainment Functions, Check Control data and more – without taking your eyes off the road.

A heated steering wheel included with this option makes gloves unnecessary for cold weather driving. With a simple press of the button it quickly warms the steering wheel to the perfect temperature. Of course, in extra hot (like this summer) weather or very cold weather you can use the vehicle key from a distance of approximately 100 to 230 feet (or the BMW Connected App) to remotely start the car and activate heating and cooling features. This means you will always be ready to go in comfort, regardless of outside temperature.

Add all these features up, and you can still own your own Ultimate Driving Machine for well under $100,000. That’s a far cry from the $144,000 I paid for the 760Li  back when it was new in 2006.

2022 BMW M4 Competition Convertible, A Bargain In its Class

Did I mention what is included in that $86,500 base price? Everything else one could possibly desire! Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ Compatibility Real-Time Traffic Information and On-Street Parking Information, Hazard Preview, BMW Remote Services including Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Remote Door Unlock. The Intelligent Personal Assistant voice control offers natural speech input for various functions, including navigation.

rear view of BMW M4
Photo credit Kristin Barclay

The included Live Cockpit Professional features a 12.3″ digital instrument cluster and 10.25″ central information display. The multi-input iDrive 7.0 system is operated by voice and iDrive Controller. The well-designed digital instrument cluster optimizes driver info while the Head-up Display (if you have selected that option) projects key info just below the driver’s line of vision. Navigation, Bluetooth® wireless technology, two USB ports, freely programmable bookmarks, and multiple Over-the-Air (OTA) updates for map data are also included.

Even though this is a very sexy-two-seat convertible, there is even ample room in the back seat. We took our teen, currently 5’3, with us on a short trip on Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, she found the back seat comfortable as well as easy to get in and out of. This is truly a great vehicle for the family as long as you don’t plan on an extended trip to Costco. Because, the trunk space is relatively small, due to space used to store the convertible top when you want to drive in the open air.

Yes, if you are lucky enough to find a dealer who can supply the BMW M4 Competition, I cannot think of any possible reason you should not bring it home to your garage!