Atmos Warns Gas Supply Remains Limited

Atmos energy warning

Supply is Limited, Demand Remains High

This one week in Texas has felt like 365 days. Most of us went from “yay it’s snowing in Texas”, to my house is freezing, faster than we can blink. Today, the sun is shining, most customers have had their power restored and we’re staring down a mountain of laundry.

Hold up though, we aren’t out of the woods yet as water utilities, the gas supply, and power is still limited. Atmos warns, “As demand for energy remains at unprecedented levels due to historically cold temperatures, suppliers continue to experience challenges with supply and delivery that limit the amount of natural gas Atmos Energy can deliver to its customers. ”

If demand outruns supply,  natural gas supply constraints may lead to service outages for some Atmos Energy customers. And should service be interrupted, restoration may take an extended period of time. Additionally, when supply is restored, Atmos Energy technicians will need to visit each home to safely restore gas service. This would take a great deal of time.

Atmos Energy urges all residents and businesses to continue to conserve energy to help maintain service for our most critical human needs customers. Please lower your  thermostat to 68 degrees or less, set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees, and more:

Atmos also recommends those who experience an electrical outage turn off the furnace. One of the easiest ways may be to turn it off at the thermostat. Then, after the power comes back on, wait 10 to 15 minutes before restarting the furnace. This may help the natural gas system adjust to a sudden increase in usage.

Atmos Energy reminds customers to heed the guidance of local leaders and stay alert to changing weather conditions in their area. Their teams are working around the clock to provide safe and reliable service, and appreciate your patience during this historic weather event.

We know everyone is ready to recover from this week and catch up on laundry and dishes. But no one wants another interruption of heat, so let’s all do our part to get through this together.