Art Heist Lets Us Play Detective at AT&T

Art Heist lets us play detective
AT&T Performing Arts Center

If you ever wanted to play detective, “Art Heist” at AT&T is giving you a chance! “Art Heist” audience members can help solve a crime at this interactive hunt for a master criminal now through April 18. The hunt for clues takes place entirely outdoors at the AT&T Performing Arts Center campus, so it could be the perfect way to ease audiences back into attending live theatrical performances.

“Art Heist” is based on an actual crime, the March 18, 1990 art theft (largest in American history), carefully planned by a criminal mastermind. Two thieves disguised as police officers claiming to investigate a disturbance, gained access to Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum late at night. They made off with 13 works of arts valued at half a billion dollars, and the paintings and robbers are still at large today.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Socially distanced and masked groups of 10 will move through five walkable locations to gather clues. You’ll meet a wild group of wily career criminals, slimy con men, and rumpled art recovery specialists. There’s also a possible inside man, a gentle psychopath, and the larger-than-life but definitely real self-proclaimed Greatest Art Thief of All Time.

Actors reveal clues to you and your fellow detectives, but the sharpest among you may spot a few red herrings from these helpful people (remember, they are acting). So if you’re good at spotting lies, don’t mind a little walking (helps in losing those extra quarantine pounds), and (like most of us) dearly miss live performances, this show is just the ticket.

“In these times, we’re looking to create new opportunities, not only for audiences to enjoy theatre experiences, but also for the actors and crew members out there who have found themselves out of work. It’s been a very tough time for our industry and Right Angle is reimagining and repurposing live entertainment to fit today’s reality,” said Justin Sudds.

“Art Heist” Producers

Sudds, along with Alison Spiriti, is producing “Art Heist.” The show was conceived as a form of theatre that can work while respecting all COVID-19 safety protocols. Produced by Right Angle Entertainment, this unique show was created by Justin Sudds and written/directed by TJ Dawe and Ming Hudson.

“COVID-19 has changed the game for everyone in the arts,” said Director Dawe. “Many of the elements we took for granted are gone, or at least on hold for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there’s nothing like a career as a freelancing artist working in new theatre to cultivate adaptability and openness to innovation. With that mentality, every project is a unique challenge already.”

“Art Heist” runs through April 18 at AT&T Performing Arts Center, with tickets ($44 to $49) on sale now at No two performances are the same, since the actors improvise with every interaction. Weekday performances are every half hour from 5:30-10 p.m., and weekend performances are every half hour from 12 noon to 4:30 p.m., and 5:30-10 p.m.