A “Super” Weekend At BMX Super Nationals In DeSoto

Ava Corley
Ava Corley excited to compete in the BMX Super Nationals. Photo by JOHN ASKEW

2021 BMX Super Nationals

Desoto did a fantastic hosting the BMX Super Nationals this past weekend. There were racers from all over the country competing to win this marvelous event. According to  DeSoto BMX this was the BIGGEST BMX Race ever to be held in Texas. Riders from forty states participated with almost 1300 riders.

Casey and Chris Allen did a magnificent job hosting this tremendous three-day event “Under the Big Top” in Desoto for the 2021 USA BMX Super Nationals.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen calling the races Photo by John Askew

Alec Bob, took home the first Pro Open win of the weekend. Bob has always enjoyed riding bikes around the neighborhood with his friends. One day he was invited to BMX and he’s never looked back. Alec is ranked in the top 20 in elite men, and he has won numerous titles all over the world. This young man genuinely enjoys what he does. Alec is staying focused, as his number one goal is to qualify for the 2024 Olympics.

Alec Bob
Alec Bob wins at the BMX Super Nationals Photo by John Askew

Cedric Cade (15 years old) at the young age of 6,  was inspired by his older two older cousins racing. His mom and grandmother allowed him to follow his dreams to race in the BMX circuit. This Henderson Nevada star has been on the cover of Pull Magazine. Cade has won over 100 races and has competed in at least 25 different states. He was able to add another win this weekend. This young man can juggle his schoolwork and biking without skipping a beat thanks to homeschooling. We could see Cade compete in the 2024 Olympics.

Cedaric Cade
Cedric Cade at BMX Super Nationals Photo by John Askew

Big Goals, Big Results

AJ (14 years old) from Houston Texas is also a focused young man. AJ understands that dedication is the key to success. He has competed in the 2018 world championships in Baku, Azebaijan. This young man’ drive is remarkable. He attends school in person and keep his grades up with great marks while practicing his skills.

Ava Corley (14 years old) from La Mirada Ca is a fantastic racer. She was able to win first place in her age class this weekend. She started 9 years ago with her father at the age of 5 years old. Ava can balance her schooling by working online. Last year Ava won an astonishing 32 races! Her goal is to complete in the 2024 Olympics. The awareness of Ava is incredible. She knows that there are other little girls that look up to her, and that keeps her motivated to always carry herself to a higher standard.

Dylan Meyers
Dylan Meyers at BMX Super Nationals Photo by John Askew

Six-year-old Dylan Myers stared biking at the age of 4 years old. This amazing young man has completed over 100 races! It is truly remarkable to see this young kid relish the competition. Myers, hometown of Menifee, CA had to be truly proud of him always giving it 100%