BREAKING: DeSoto Police Arrest Former Property and Evidence Clerk

Police blotter june 2020

DeSoto Police, acting on a tip from a member of the public, executed a search warrant late Thursday at the Frost, Texas home of their former property and evidence clerk Carl Edmison, and identified numerous items believed to have been stolen over the course of his employment. Edmison was arrested and 13 firearms, various power tools, and a compressor were recovered.

DeSoto Police received a tip approximately two weeks ago that Edmison was allegedly in possession of items that had been stolen from the DeSoto Police Property and Evidence Room over an extended period. Detectives then began an investigation and secured the warrant that was successfully executed Thursday.


Edmison was charged with a felony violation of Texas Penal Code 31.03 Theft of a Firearm / Enhanced (13 counts) and remains in custody. He is said to be cooperating with detectives and the investigation is ongoing.

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