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whiskey bottle with cowboy boots
Oak & Eden bourbon and Lucchese Boots photo by Kristin Barclay

Shop Texas Gifts Guide

It’s time to start, or finish, your holiday shopping. While it can be easy to do everything online, we love giving local gifts when possible. Our staff spent time searching for fun gifts for the special someone on your list made in Texas.

Texas Style

Everyone in our house uses a bag of some type. We have backpacks, briefcases, tote bags and more. It seems my family thinks I own one too many bags. But…bags come in different sizes and shapes and are used for different things. I love the Jenny N. Design bags!

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Photo Jenny N Design Facebook page

The designer, Jenny Nemlekar, makes each bag by hand in her Dallas studio. And the best part, you can order a custom bag! I love that she gives you the option to design a one of a kind bag, made with premium materials.

Lucchese boots have been made in Texas since 1883. They are my favorite Texas made boots for their fit, craftsmanship and comfort. Anytime someone visits and is looking to take a piece of Texas home with them, Lucchese boots are my favorite recommendation. Their boots really are made for walking…and for receiving compliments.

Every well stocked closet has fun, yet soft t-shirts. I discovered Tumbleweed TexStyles on Instagram, and now own several of their fun designs. Wearing their shirts has led to many interesting conversations with strangers. I should also note they sell more than just t-shirts, and also offer decor, glassware, stickers, hats, etc.


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Founded by two high school teachers, Tumbleweed Texstyles makes it their mission to support the local community. A portion of each sale is donated to the Frisco Education Foundation. This non-profit helps provide scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors.

Shop Texas Foods

I’ll admit, I’m personally unfamiliar with Susie’s South Forty, but multiple people said their toffee is a “must” when gifting something sweet from Texas. After checking out their website, I can see why, their gift baskets made my mouth water. I even found a gift basket with salsa! Looks like I may have to see what everyone is buzzing about. Susie’s South Forty has two locations in Midland, Texas or you can order online.

Susie's South Forty
Photo credit: Susie’s South Forty Facebook page

For some, my next suggestion may seem a little “nutty”. But I warn you, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The world famous deLuxe fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery is the fruitcake you’ll want to give and receive. My Dad has fond memories of his Mom’s famous homemade fruitcake, and this one is the closest contender. And they get bonus points from me for being family owned and operated.

A few friends said they love giving Texas salsa and chili mixes-and they mentioned Jardines. It looks like the Jardines website offers a variety of salsas, chili mix, and other seasonings for those that like it hot…or mild. They even offer a salsa gift box. Plus their premium small-batch salsa is handcrafted.

I haven’t personally tried Jardines yet. Since I’m obsessed with good Texas salsa, I’m going to check my grocery store for a jar. Be sure and check out their website for recipes featuring their products.

Shop Texas Whiskey

One of my favorites, Texas Whiskey! Believe it or not, Texas makes many good whiskeys  that even the biggest bourbon snob will enjoy receiving. I have a few favorites like Garrison Brothers, Oak & Eden, and Balcones. If you are shipping your present, whiskey might  not be an option, so check your favorite Texas whiskey distillery to see if they have merchandise. Or you could give a membership to the Texas whiskey trail.

What’s your favorite gift from Texas to give or to receive? Did we miss anything that’s on your shop Texas gift guide?