“The Lincoln Lawyer” Is Bingeworthy

Entertaining New Series
The Lincoln Lawyer

Several entertaining new TV series made their debut this weekend on separate cable networks. “The Lincoln Lawyer” is a new Netflix series, based on Michael Connelly’s novels about Mickey Haller. An LA defense attorney who operates out of his Lincoln Continental rather than an office building, Haller is one of my favorite Connelly characters. If I’m ever falsely accused of a crime, I’d want someone like Haller to represent me. Played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Haller is extremely likeable and believable as an idealistic attorney.

At the start of the new series of 10 episodes, Haller is recovering from a serious accident that led to his dependences on pain medications. While his once booming law career has been derailed, the sudden death of a colleague leaves Haller with an unexpected opportunity. He’s inherited a roster of the deceased lawyer’s clients—or any of them who agree to have him as their attorney.

Binge-worthy Series

I was hooked after the first hour-long episode, and ended up binging the entire series. There were several plot twists I didn’t remember from Connelly’s books, but the characters were spot on. I especially liked the strong female characters. His two ex-wives are still a large part of Haller’s life—the adorable Becki Newton runs his office (the one he never goes to) and tries to keep him on schedule.

Haller still carries a torch for fierce ADA Maggie McPherson (Neve Campbell), his ex-wife #2 and the mother of his daughter. Jazz Raycole as Izzy, his driver; and Angus Sampson as PI Cisco are also terrific additions to the ensemble cast.

“The Lincoln Lawyer”

Created by David E. Kelley, The Lincoln Lawyer is filled with witty banter, likeable (and some not-so-likeable) characters, and even some heartwarming moments not usually found in crime fiction. All ten episodes are available for streaming on Netflix, but be warned, this show can be addictive.

Another of Michael Connelly’s characters, stubbornly righteous police detective Harry Bosch (perfectly played by Titus Welliver) has been a big hit on Amazon Prime. After seven years of the Harry Bosch series, Amazon’s new Bosch Legacy series has Bosch leaving LAPD to start a private detective agency. If you’re craving another very involving crime fiction series after The Lincoln Lawyer, “Bosch Legacy” with Haller’s fictional half-brother Harry Bosch will fill the bill.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife”

A six-part series on HBO, The Time Traveler’s Wife focuses on star-crossed lovers Clare and Henry. The new series is adapted by Steven Moffat from the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger. The adult Clare, played by Rose Leslie, and Henry, played by Theo James, are not only beautiful to look at but have great chemistry together. Unfortunately, the plot gets in the way much too often, spoiling their scenes together just to whisk Henry back out into the ether zone.

Entertaining series on cable
HBO and Warner Bros. The Time Traveler’s Wife

It would be helpful to read the book before watching this series. Otherwise the back and forth sequences through time can be confusing, especially since the two first meet when Henry is in his 30s and Clare (played by Everleigh McDonnell) is only 6. Desmin Borges and Natasha Lopez are featured as their friends Gomez and Charisse, two of the few people clued into the time traveler’s secret.

Produced by HBO and Warner Bros. and adapted by Executive Producer Steven Moffat from the novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife series of six episodes, directed by David Nutter, streams on HBO starting May 15.

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