Texas Governor Greg Abbott Commends Lancaster’s Growth with FreshRealm’s New Facility, Creating Over 100 Jobs

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LANCASTER – Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently mentioned the City of Lancaster’s ongoing growth.

Abbott unveiled the FreshRealm, Inc. plans to establish a cutting-edge facility in the city with enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“Texas offers the environment for companies to grow and the tools for Texans to succeed,” he said. “FreshRealm’s new facility in Lancaster will create over 100 good-paying jobs for hardworking Texans and invest more than $10 million into the local economy.”

This announcement comes on the heels of FreshRealm’s recent relocation of its corporate headquarters to Texas, further solidifying the company’s commitment to its expansion efforts and contributing to the state’s thriving business ecosystem.

City of Lancaster Public Relations Specialist Alysia Walton added, “This strategic move by FreshRealm marks a significant step towards bolstering Lancaster’s economic landscape and creating numerous opportunities for its residents.”

FreshRealm recently made the decision to set up its new facility in Lancaster, which is a nod to the company’s belief Lancaster is considered one of the premier destinations in Texas for businesses seeking growth and prosperity.

With Fresh Realm’s commitment to providing high-quality meals to retailers and food businesses nationwide, the company’s new venture in Lancaster is expected to create more than 100 new jobs in the area and “inject a staggering $10.5 million in capital investment into the local economy,” Walton added.

To facilitate this expansion, FreshRealm was also awarded a considerable grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), which amounts to $672,000.

Walton said, “This fund this again confirms the state’s dedication to fostering business growth and job creation.”

Fresh Realm also stands to benefit from a $15,000 Veteran Created Job Bonus, further emphasizing its commitment to supporting veterans in the workforce.

Texas Senator Royce West echoed Governor Abbott’s sentiments regarding the importance of development in Texas and highlighted how these crucial initiatives like the Texas Enterprise Fund is attracting businesses to the Lone Star State.

“FreshRealm looks like a good fit for Dallas County, offering employment in a burgeoning industry at a livable wage,” Senator West remarked, underscoring the positive impact this endeavor will have on the region’s workforce.

FreshRealm President Snow Le emphasized the strategic significance of Lancaster as the company’s choice for expansion, citing the city’s conducive environment for innovation and business development. “Lancaster is an ideal location for us to support the entire U.S. market for our customers,” Le remarked, expressing excitement about conducting business in Texas, a state renowned for its initiative-taking investment in its people and businesses.

“FreshRealm’s decision to establish their new headquarters in Lancaster is a testament to our city’s growing reputation as a center for innovation and business development,” Lancaster Mayor Clyde C. Hairston said.

Michael Lippold, FreshRealm Founder and CEO remarked on the company’s website “With almost a decade of experience we are at the forefront of a full evolution of fresh meals. I believe that food is the foundation to each and every one of us. At FreshRealm, we strive to carry that importance in every fresh meal.”


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