Spice Up Your Health Journey: Cedar Hill Entrepreneur Launches Flavorful Seasoning Line

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Like many people, Lori Tomonto of Cedar Hill was looking to change her health and diet during the COVID-19 pandemic as she was working from home. So, she decided to spice things up.

“I found the Whole30 elimination diet and decided to give it a try. It is a diet that you abstain from consuming sugar/sugar substitutes, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, grains, alcohol, and a few other things for 30 days,” she explained. “I did this in August 2020 and was surprised to find that all of the spice blends in my pantry were off-limits because they all contained one or more of the prohibited items.”

Making Healthy Meals More Flavorful & Exciting

So, she devised her own blends to make meals more flavorful and exciting.

“After my 30 days, I decided to continue to eat the Whole30 way at least 90% of the time. As a result, I found that I was sensitive to dairy and gluten and lost 30 pounds,” she said.

“Eating clean should not be difficult or break the bank, and that is why Seasoning the Moment was born. Whether you are doing a Whole30, Keto, Paleo or just want to eat healthier, my blends can help you achieve your goals.”

Tomonto said public response has been strong to her seasonings. She does samplings at markets by making dips and dressings with her spices and by following the Whole30 rules.

“People are amazed at how good my dips and dressings taste without tasting like they are ‘diet,'” she said.

Her No. 1 sampling item is her guacamole.

“I can see it in their eyes when they taste it and how they are blown away that it only takes a large avocado and a tablespoon of my Divine Cilantro Lime to make it,” Tomonto said. “That is the way all of my spice blends work. They are made to make meal preparation fast and easy, whether it is as a seasoning on meats and veggies, in soups, stews, sauces and so much more.”

Seasoning the Moment offers these flavors:

Divine Cinatro Lime

Rub You Right All-Purpose Rub

Chipotle Ranch

Zesty Garden

Garden Spinach


Dillicious Dill

And she’s always thinking of other flavor possibilities.

“I am about to start testing a new recipe. I have had people ask if I have anything hotter so, the new recipe will be replacing the taco blend with something that will have a little more kick,” she said. “It will be a Southwest Taco blend that I hope to have out of testing and into production before October.

“The next blend on my list to create is one that does not have onion or garlic. I have had many people ask for this and I hope to have something the first of next year.”

Seasoning the Moment has a website and an Etsy page. They also offer Whole30 recipes and suggestions on how to use the blends.

“If you are not able to make it to the market, you can order online and I am happy to offer local pick up, too,” she said.

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