Restaurants In Texas Allowed To Sell Bulk Retail Product

COVID-19 response
Mudhook Duncanville is offering bulk retail for sale to the public

Governor Abbott Authorizes Restaurants To Sell Bulk Retail Product From Distributors To The Public

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott has directed the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to issue guidance allowing restaurants to sell bulk retail products from restaurant supply chain distributors directly to consumers provided that such foods are in their original condition, packaging, or presented as received by the restaurant. Under this guidance, restaurants will be able to sell items like packaged meat, fruit and vegetables, and dry goods directly to the public to prepare and consume at home.

This guidance will allow distributors and restaurants to provide Texans another source of food outside of grocery stores and prepared food from restaurants. These bulk food items would be available for purchase through restaurants offering drive-thru, delivery, pick-up, and curbside service.

“A vital part of our COVID-19 response is to ensure that there are readily available supplies of food and resources, whether that is at grocery stores or, in this case, restaurants,” said Governor Abbott. “This guidance gives Texans another easily accessible option to buy the food they need to support their families. The State of Texas continues to work with distributors, retailers, and restaurants to ensure they have the support they need to continue providing for Texans. I thank Representative Tan Parker, the Texas Restaurant Association, and the Department of State Health Services for their collaboration to take this important step to help Texas families as our state responds to COVID-19.”

Check your local restaurants to see if they are offering items. Mudhook in Duncanville has been offering their customers items like paper towels, vinyl gloves, and food items. Branded Burger also posted they were offering items like ground beef, bread, milk, etc.