Representative Sherman Distributes Masks in District 109

District 109 masks
State Rep. Carl Sherman delivers masks to nursing homes in Lancaster.

Representative Sherman Provides PPE For Nursing Facilities

LANCASTER – The first stop was in Lancaster this past Friday.

State Representative Carl Sherman (District 109) stopped in at three nursing and rehabilitation centers; Lancaster Nursing and Rehabilitation, Millbrook Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center and Westridge Nursing & Rehabilitation as well as one senior living facility; Windsor Gardens Senior Living.

Rep. Sherman greeted the facility workers at the front door. He was able to give several boxes of masks to the staff. They’ll be used by both the workers and residents as necessary.

“Today I am beginning my campaign to provide masks for our nursing homes in District 109,” Rep. Sherman said. “I want to make sure we have a safer environment for all of our citizens during this time. Today we are going to be providing these masks so the citizens in our nursing homes are safer – the employees as well as the residents there.”

The masks Rep. Sherman provided last week in Lancaster were part of a delivery of masks from China. Texas State Representative Gene Wu (District 137) worked with Rep. Sherman to make the masks distribution a reality.

The two men met halfway between Houston and Dallas to assure the mask handoff was a reality. From there the 6000 masks were also distributed to additional State Representatives to be handed out in other nearby districts.

“We are all really excited and concerned about making sure that our citizens have what they need in order to stay safe,” Rep Sherman added. “We are going out today – giving out to nursing homes in Lancaster and next week we hope to head to DeSoto and Cedar Hill too.”

Sherman said he will also be handing out masks to individuals who are receiving food at the food distribution locations next week. This will include food distribution locations not only in Dallas ISD, but the additional cities in District 109 too.

“Today it is so important that we remember the people on the front lines. That we remember the people at our nursing homes that watch after our senior citizens,” Rep. Sherman said urging everyone to do their part.

Listen to the Professionals To Stay Safe

“You might not want to just listen to the politicians, listen to the doctors, listen to CDC and the American Medical Association,” Sherman explained. “Listen to the professional doctors who are asking us to stay safe. They are the folks who have to deal with us when we go to the hospital – so it should matter what they think.”

The Representative said he is encouraging everyone in District 109 to do what they need to do to stay safe; whether it be remembering to wash your hands often, to covering your mouth to finding a mask and following safety guidelines in order to wear it properly.

As Rep. Sherman was heading out from his district office to begin his deliveries he made it a point to squirt one more dab of hand sanitizer on his hands.

“Remember to do the hand sanitizer too and keep yourself safe,” he concluded. “And I hope to be distributing hand sanitizer very soon too – we all have to do our part.”