Regional Premiere of Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

Revolt she said
photo by Evan Michael Woods

Second Thought Theatre Presents Regional Premiere of “Revolt. She said. Revolt again.”

Second Thought Theatre presents the regional premiere of “Revolt. She said. Revolt again.” Award-winning British playwright Alice Birch wrote the play, directed by Christie Vela. Vela is also featured in the play, a series of vignettes exploring gender politics, power dynamics, societal expectations, and the ways women continue to be stereotyped in the 21st century.

“Revolt. She said. Revolt again” previews August 22 and runs through September 15. All performances will take place at Bryant Hall on the Kalita Humphreys Campus; 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd. Tickets are $25, available online at

Director Vela says Revolt. She said. Revolt again. is not a traditional play and will not look like anything most audiences have seen before. “Quite the opposite,” said Vela. “We’re all (the cast/crew/design team) both terrified and thrilled to see what’s going to happen in the room once we get up on our feet. This piece is not thought-provoking. It’s thought-changing, in terms of culture, in terms of sex, gender and the act, in terms of what it means to go to the theatre. We’re all excited to get inside it and come out changed.”

Artistic Director Alex Organ agreed. “This play confronts the complexities of living as a woman in a world built largely by and for men,” he said. “Those frustrations seem to have reached a boiling point in 2018, so it felt like the right moment to give those voices a megaphone. Our community has such a wealth of fearless female theater makers – this was also an opportunity to get several of them in the same room and let them wrestle with a play that is at once shocking, irreverent, hilarious, and groundbreaking.”

To be a woman in the twenty-first century is to experience and to embody a world of contradictions. To express them all in one play is impossible. But, Second Thought Theatre is going to do it anyway. Work, relationships, family, sex, and power intersect as one daring group of actors turns everything you thought you knew directly on its head. Language is inverted, bodies are distorted, men are banished, and nothing is sacred in a bold, provocative, riotous play like nothing Dallas has ever seen before.

The ensemble cast consists of five actors playing a multitude of roles. In addition to Vela, Jenny Ledel, Lydia Mackay, and Max Hartman return to the Second Thought stage,while Tia Laulusa makes her Second Thought debut. Aaron Johansen will design lights, and John Flores returns to design sound. Laura Colleluori returns as assistant director and dramaturg.

Second Thought Theatre (STT) provides an intimate and unique theatrical experience by empowering top local theater artists to take risks, and by showcasing writers who boldly tackle the difficult and demanding questions of our rapidly changing world.