Ochre House Theater Presents World Premiere of MOUSEY

MOUSEY photo by Justin OKeith

Ochre House Theater presents the World Premiere of MOUSEY, a new, dark musical written and directed by Carla Parker. The play runs August 18-September 8 at the Ochre House Theater, 825 Exposition Avenue in Dallas (across from Fair Park). Tickets are $17, payable by cash or credit, and now available online at ochrehousetheater.org. Tickets will also be available to purchase at the door, but reservations are required since some performances sell out.

Things have gone rotten in the world of toys. Mrs. Mousey begins to suspect that there is more to life than just being a toy and launches into the dangerous journey that questions the very existence of their innocent lives. Rebellion and unrest erupt and turn the toys’ once harmonious lives into bitter-sweet chaos, where once peace-loving and compliant toys turn on one another in search of a Utopia that does not exist. Original music, dance, and spectacle create a riveting story of loss of innocence and awakening. “If we aren’t toys, then what are we?”

Playwright Parker will also direct “Mrs. Mousey,” and the cast and company include the following: Mrs. Mousey – Marti Etheridge; Mr. Mousey – Dante Martine; Jack – Justin Locklear; Junior – Mitchell Parrack; Stuffy – Kevin Grammer; Barb – Korey Parker; and Joseph – Ben Bryant. House Band: Pearl – Gregg Prickett; Q Bob – Sarah Rubio-Rogerson; and Snatch – Will Acker.

Creative and crew members include Music Director – Justin Locklear, Lyrics – Carla Parker, Stage Management – Ellen Shaddock, Set Design – Matthew Posey, Scenic Artist – Isaac Davies, Set Engineer – Mitchell Parrack, Costume Design – Amie Carson, and Lighting Design – Kevin Grammer.

Ochre House Theater is a small but effective 50-seat Alternative Theatre with a team of artists and designers behind the scenes in the professional, nonprofit theater. They take pride in producing high quality theatre productions using minimal resources to their maximum potential. The theater company has a dedicated core of actors, directors, musicians, dancers, puppeteers, designers, writers and staff members who are committed to creating ensemble-based theater that is rare and beautiful.

For more information or for reservations, call 214-826-6273.

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