Rain coverage increases over the next few days before we dry out and warm up going into the weekend and next week.

Off and on showers are possible today, and they will remain scattered. We may see a clap or two of thunder today, but should mostly just see light/moderate rain. Highs will reach the low-mid 80’s, but humidity will continue. Thursday we’ll se higher coverage of showers and thunderstorms, with a few more claps of thunder and steady/heavy rain possible. Some flood-prone areas could have some issues tomorrow, but widespread flooding is not expected. Friday we should see more showers and thunderstorms, though not quite as much coverage as Thursday.

A cold front arrives late Friday/Saturday, but will lead to warmer weather as Saturday shows lower rain coverage and is followed by dry air and more sun going into next week. We’ll be in the low 90’s by Tuesday, which is still within seasonably norms for this time of year. Still better than the triple digits!