Profile: Lancaster District 1 City Council Member Carol Strain Burk   

Carol Strain Burk
Photo courtesy Carol Strain Burk

Focus Daily News: What elected seat do you hold?

Carol Strain Burk: Councilwoman District 1 for Lancaster, Texas.


FDN: How long have you served in this seat?

CSB: I have been in this seat for three terms.


FDN: What is your main goal as a city council member during this term?

CSB: My major focus is on infrastructure (streets, sewer, water, facilities), quality development in retail, commercial, residential, public safety (Police& Fire) and communication with citizens (I am the only council person with a weekly newsletter).


FDN: What made you decide to get into politics?

CSB: I was approached by numerous citizens about running for office to improve conditions in the city.  My accomplishments in local civic organizations and at the regional and state level speak for themselves.  I also have a servant heart.


FDN: What have been some of the surprises?

CSB: Individuals with personal agendas and vendettas against others.


FDN: What have been the challenges in this position?

CSB: Working with other council members to gain consensus on matters impacting our city today and in the future.  Also convincing individuals to have a broader perspective than just local and a vision of what is possible if we all work together.


FDN: Where do you see the city going in the next few years and what will you contribute?

CSB: The future of the city depends on who the decision makers will be in the future.  Those with vision will create a climate for quality growth.  Those who are concerned only about today and their personal agendas will suppress growth and quality development. It is my desire to see continued commercial growth with quality companies.  That growth will stimulate quality housing, which in turn will attract investment from major retailers to Lancaster.

You can find Councilmember’s career highlights and official biography on the City of Lancaster’s website.