Prank At Duncanville High School Led To Reports Of Active Shooter


Active Shooter Reports At Duncanville High School This Afternoon, Result Of A Prank Involving Firecrackers

Duncanville- It was a little after 2:00 PM this afternoon when someone posted on social media there were reports of “an active shooter at Duncanville High School.” Our reporters reached out to school officials, the Duncanville Police Department and other sources for information.

This is what they were told,

“There is no immediate safety concern at Duncanville High School. We are currently investigating an incident that led to the fire alarm being activated and students evacuating the building. At this point students have been allowed back inside and we will provide an update shortly.”

“We believe that a student set off fireworks in the hall,” said Lari Barager, director of public relations for Duncanville ISD. “Fire alarms were pulled and the school was evacuated. The students have been allowed back in the school and police are doing a search.

Students will be released on schedule at 3 p.m., Barager said.

“There is no public threat,” she said.

Police units responded from Cedar Hill, Dallas, DeSoto, and Duncanville Police Departments.

While there aren’t reports of any injuries, the event led to panic as students began to run through the halls to flee the building.

Here’s the most recent response from Duncanville ISD:

Just yesterday the Mansfield Police Department posted on Facebook about the spike in online threats involving schools in North Texas.

“School threats are a serious matter and we want to bring awareness to our community. Even if you make a threat against a school as a joke, you are still committing a crime and you will be held accountable for your actions. Please take a moment to watch and share this video.” Mansfield Police Department