PlayGrand Adventures & The Summit Closed Until March

Play Grand park
Photo courtesy of: City of Grand Prairie Parks, Arts & Recreation Department

Grand Prairie Closes Facilities As COVID Surges

The weather in Texas can change faster than a teenager’s mood, but the brutal summer heat has moved on, and we’re currently enjoying the perfect ‘park weather’. Parents of young kids know, no matter how big your house is, or how many toys your children have, some days you just need to get the kids outside to burn off their energy.

However, as COVID-19 surges through our state some cities have decided parks pose an increased risk and should be closed. PlayGrand Adventures in Grand Prairie announced their decision today to immediately shut down. This incredibly popular park opened Phase I in January, and is often packed with families.

Unfortunately, out of concern for the safety of visitors and the rapid community spread of COVID the park closed with no plans to reopen until March 1. Grand Prairie did say if there was a significant reduction in virus spread, they’d revisit the possibility of opening sooner.


In addition, The Summit, which was previously scheduled to reopen in January, has also been pushed back to March 1, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. Many on Facebook reacted with sadness but understanding safety comes first. However, some are asking why the Epic remains open if The Summit and Playgrand Adventures are closing.

While The Epic is currently open, they are operating with modified hours allowing for a deep cleaning from 2-4 pm Monday through Friday, closed on Sundays.

The city of Grand Prairie maintains a list of facilities that are open or closed due to COVID on their website.