Midlothian Panthers Lose Heartbreaker in Overtime

Midlothian Panthers
Number 33 Nick Pollard and number30 Dawson White stand tall as the national anthem is being played

Midlothian Panthers Lose In Overtime Against Aledo

Midlothian’s coach Doug Wendel had the perfect game plan with their option ball control offense. Backup quarterback Nick De Los Santons led a 15 play dive that was topped off with a one yard touchdown run by Ethan Hill.

The lead was short lived however, as high powered Aledo matched that touchdown with a quick three play drive that ended with their Utah commit receiver Money Parker catching a 43 yard touchdown pass by Jake Bishop.

The Panthers retaliated with a 17 play drive to score another touchdown as Jeremy McCoy took it across the line for a three yard score. Panthers lineman were able to control the Bearcats of Aledo, opening up big holes for the running back to make some long runs throughout the game.

It was magical to watch the way the quarterback could read Aledo’s defense and know when to give it to the fullback, pitch it to the tailback or even keep it the ball as they ran the option to a near picture-perfect game plan.

Midlothian’s Blue Crew comes out in full force to make some noise!

Midlothian fans could feel an upset in the making with every big play they made. Aledo was able to score quickly at the beginning of the second half with their dynamic receiver Jo Jo Earle catching a 39 yard pass by Jake Bishop.

That did not stop Midlothian’s game plan as they marched down the field and scored on a three yard touchdown run by Jeremy McCoy, bringing them back into the lead by a 28-21 margin. The Panthers began another long drive but this time they were unable to hold onto the ball. Aledo put together a drive, to tie the game. And that sent the heart pounding game into overtime.

Photo by John Askew-Ask You Photos

Initially, the Panthers were able to stick with their game plan. Until the fourth play, when Midlothian fumbled the ball and Nathan Fingar of Aledo scooped it up. He ran 82 yards for a game winning touchdown.

It was a crushing loss for these young men, but the Panthers will be back Friday to play Everman at home.

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