Midlothian ISD “Teachers Are The Real Heroes”

Midlothian ISD School Board
Photo courtesy Midlothian ISD

Nothing is easy these days. Nothing. One of the most important and often most difficult jobs is that of a teacher. Today teachers are expected to offer instruction, compassion, empathy, while also sanitizing classrooms and practicing active shooter drills, and so much more. While January is School Board Recognition month, Midlothian ISD Trustees decided to celebrate with a “twist” by recognizing teachers and staff.

2022 School Board Recognition

WHEREAS, the mission of public schools is to meet the diverse educational needs of all children and to empower them to become competent, productive contributors to a democratic society in an ever changing world; we want to honor the REAL heroes that make it all possible.

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge every person employed by Midlothian ISD.

We recognize you have gone above and beyond our wildest expectations; willingly raising the standard, selflessly devoting yourself to students through accelerated learning, early mornings, late afternoons, tutoring, summer school, additional tutoring; ever changing Covid protocols while modeling for parents how to cope; how to be flexible, how to
lead, remember to breathe; all while emphasizing the love of learning.

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees recognizes the long hours, increasing demands, the exhaustion mixed with tenacity and amazing GRIT; we sincerely, compassionately and emotionally notice the impact to your personal lives, your own children, your time off, and your families.

WHEREAS, the Midlothian Board of Trustees would like to announce that students, teachers and staff are the #1 priority in our community. They take precedence on this day, and everyday as:

  •  Bus drivers take on extra routes.
  • Substitute teachers are on call, flexible and adaptive to any class, any campus.
  • Custodians and secretaries work long hours serving and sanitizing whenever called upon.
  • Teachers cover and combine classes, keeping their focus on students through extra hours, extra communication, with extra patience.
  • Paraprofessionals take on extra duties and new roles.
  • Parents step up as volunteers and share their gratefulness, understanding and patience.
  • Administrators serve where needed, covering classes and lunchrooms.
  • Principals and Assistant Principals are on call 24/7, have sleepless nights, balance coverage, wear every hat and still lead safety, lead learning; and a positive attitude.
  • Nurses care for students, parents, staff and community with constant communication on safety and handling the most dynamic world of germs and protocols.

WHEREAS, we thank each and every person. Thank you. Thank you for serving students with a smile; Thank you for demonstrating servant leadership.

Today we honor you.

NOW, THEREFORE, I JoAnn Fey together with the Board of Trustees of Midlothian ISD, by unanimous decision and with unwavering support for the real heroes of this district; urge every member in the Midlothian community to join us in recognizing the dedication and hard work of teachers and all staff as they mold the clay and deliver excellence to
our most precious gifts. Our students.

IN OFFICIAL RECOGNITION WHEREOF, we hereby affix our signatures this 24 th day of January, 2022.