Methodist Mansfield Celebrates Community Spirit With Downtown Murals

man standing in front of heart mural
Chuck Roe, assistant fine arts director at Mansfield ISD, poses in front of one of the murals painted in downtown Mansfield to show the connection between the community and the Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Photos by Methodist Medical

Connected: Methodist Mansfield and City of Mansfield Share A Special Bond

A community and its hospital should share a special bond.

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center understands this, and a drive through downtown Mansfield is proof. Three colorful murals adorn the sides of buildings, a way for the hospital to show its appreciation and a way for the community to be reminded of the connection it has to MMMC.

“We are thrilled to share these three new murals with our community,” said Methodist Mansfield Medical Center President Juan Fresquez Jr. “We believe a healthy and vibrant arts and culture environment can enhance the quality of life, drive economic development, and nurture a positive view of the community among residents and visitors.

The hospital commissioned three murals in downtown Mansfield, each 10 feet by 14 feet:

  • A legacy mural showing historic Mansfield on the left fading to modern Mansfield on the right, with a mother and child acting as the transition point is located outside the Mansfield Historical Museum on the south facing wall.
  • A jigsaw puzzle mural with individuals playing sports and riding a bike is located on the second level north facing exterior of the Hilltop Bicycle Center.
  • A third mural entitled “Love Your Vibe” – with wings of a heart allows individuals to stand in front of the mural and be a part of it. It is located on the north facing outside wall of the Flying Squirrel Coffee Company.

Jerod “DTOX” Davies painted the “Love Your Vibe” mural. Eddie and Mary Phillips painted the mural “Jigsaw Puzzle” and the “Mansfield Legacy” historical mural.

Increasing Appreciation For The Arts & Mansfield Artists

Director of Community and Public Relations for MMMC Angel Biasatti said the ideas for the murals came from the community spirit of the city of Mansfield and to increase appreciation for the arts and artists in Mansfield.

“The historic downtown area is filled with murals and street art. The murals celebrate the past, present, and future of the city. They increase the overall attractiveness of the area and increase foot traffic and tourism,” Biasatti said. “Murals create a unique experience, engage citizens and are accessible to everyone regardless of class, education or ethnicity.

“Methodist has been part of the Mansfield Community for more than 14 years. We’ve watched the community grow and seen Mansfield’s creative streak come to life. As a vital part of the community we wanted to take part and help celebrate this kind of art in the city. It’s is this community spirit that Methodist Mansfield is dedicated to keeping healthy and happy for many more years to come.”

Connecting The Hospital With the Community

All three murals represent departments at the hospital. Each mural is accompanied by a 16×12-inch plaque with polished bronze lettering.

couple with baby in front of mural
This mural depicts the newness of life. It is one of three murals painted in downtown Mansfield to show the connection between the community and Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Photo courtesy Methodist Mansfield Medical

The mom and baby mural is dedicated to the labor and delivery department. The wings of heart is dedicated to the cardiology department. And last but not least, the second story athletic mural is dedicated to the orthopedics and sports medicine department.

cheerleader in front of bike mural
This bike mural accentuates healthy living and is one of three painted in downtown Mansfield. Photo by Methodist Mansfield

Biasatti said the response from the community has been fantastic.

“Citizens have been posting photographs and videos, and others are taking photos with their vehicles in them. They have been a big hit. They have been very popular and individuals love them,” she said. “The murals connect the hospital to the community.”

She also believes the murals are inspirational for folks around town.

“We believe our commitment to our patients goes beyond the walls of our hospital. We want to enrich the environment of the communities we serve,” she said.

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