McCowan Discusses Key Issues With Homeowners

June 360 Mtg 1
DeSoto’s New Mayor Pro-Tem, City Council Member Kenzie Moore joins Mayor Curtistene McCowan at Thursday evening’s Mayor’s 360 Quarterly meeting

DESOTO—On Thursday, June 13, 2019, Mayor Curtistene McCowan met with representatives of DeSoto’s homeowners associations (HOAs) and other area officials at her 360 Quarterly Meeting in the DeSoto Civic Center. These quarterly discussions allow for 360° conversations between HOA representatives, the Mayor, and other key City officials on a wide range of issues that impact the lives of residents.

“I really enjoy the interaction that takes place at our quarterly meetings with the members of our homeowners associations because our conversations are both candid and productive,” noted DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan. “And because our Interim City Manager and other key DeSoto officials participate in these meetings we are able to solve many problems on the spot and begin the resolution process for other issues.”

June 360 Mtg 2
From left to right, DeSoto’s Mayor Pro-Tem Kenzie Moore, Mayor Curtistene McCowan, Interim City Manager Renee Johnson, and DeSoto Chief of Police Joe Costa.

Thursday night’s meeting addressed issues ranging from parking enforcement to pothole repairs. Linda Harris, who is president of Hampton Place Estates, regularly attends these meetings and said that she enjoys meeting people and hearing the many questions that are asked of the Mayor and City staff. Said Harris, “You know we’re concerned about code enforcement, streets, parking, crime, and this is a way for us to see and personally get to know the City officials and the members of the other homeowner associations.”

360 Quarterly Meetings

The next Mayor’s Quarterly Meetings is tentatively scheduled to be held on September 5, 2019, in DeSoto’s Civic Center. For further information about these meetings visit our website at: