“I’m Your Woman” Reverses Roles in Crime Film

"I'm Your Woman" reverses roles
Amazon Studios

“I’m Your Woman” takes a different look at a mob family, as the film unfolds through the eyes of an extremely naïve suburban housewife, Jean (Rachel Brosnahan). Her husband Eddie (Bill Heck) betrays the mob, killing his partner (Jarrod DiGiorgio) and stealing a lot of money. When the gangsters show up looking for Eddie and the missing cash, Jean is forced to go on the run with a new baby and new bodyguard, Eddie’s old friend Cal (Arinze Kene).

This female version of a 1970s crime drama is very engaging, touching on many issues that were largely ignored in those testosterone-laden action dramas where the women stayed ignorant and at home. Juxtaposed along with bang, bang, you’re dead scenes, “I’m Your Woman” delves into such cerebral matters as love, loyalty, motherhood, and race. There’s plenty of suspense and action, but this thoughtful film also advocates taking control of your own destiny. Jean discovers that ignorance may be bliss, but it doesn’t get you very far in the real world.

“I’m Your Woman” Screenplay

The screenplay is written by husband and wife team Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz, and produced by Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Horowitz. Hart directs “I’m Your Woman,” and gets great performances out of everyone in the cast…especially Kene and Brosnahan. The film also stars Marsha Stephanie Blake in a terrific turn as Teri, Cal’s indomitable wife. Teri serves as something of a role model for the more sheltered Jean, who begins to realize just how privileged her life as a white mob wife has been.

When Cal goes missing, Terri is determined to save her family, which also includes her young son (De’Mauri Parks) and his grandfather, Art (Frankie Faison). After Art teaches Jean how to shoot, the two women leave the children in a safe cabin with him while they take on the bad guys. James McMenamin plays Mike, a vicious mob leader; and Marceline Hugot is an older neighbor whose attempt to befriend Jean backfires.

Along with the great performances and the thoughtful script, “I’m Your Woman” also features lovely period costumes and cinematography. The delightful sound track includes nostalgic music by Aretha Franklin and Bobby Gentry.

“I’m Your Woman” opens in select theaters and on Amazon Prime Video December 11. The action drama is rated R for violence and language, and runs 120 minutes. Produced by Original Headquarters, Big Indie Pictures, and Scrap Paper Pictures and distributed by Amazon Studios.