Two Young Waxahachie Girls Are Using Candied Nuts To Spread Love & Light

The brains behind the candied nuts business

WAXAHACHIE – Two Waxahachie girls came up with a plan to make a difference.

That was how the candied nut business idea called Bean and Bear came to life, only a few weeks ago.

Olivia (7) and Abby(5) Morgan are the tiny masterminds behind the candied nut business.

“Bean and Bear are nicknames for Olivia and Abby respectively,” said the girl’s mother Rhonda Morgan.

“Olive bean and Abby bear. Olivia had been trying to find a way to make money for about a year now. She has been trying to rake yards and be a “maid” – lol. We made nuts one night and the girls thought we should try to sell them because they thought they were so good.”

From the candied nut idea Olivia then came up with the idea to start her own business.

“The girls said they want their own money, and they want to give their money to kids who don’t have things so they can try to help make them happy,” Morgan added.

Find Bean and Bear Candied Nuts

Since the businesses inception a few weeks ago they have not only sold the nuts, but now are in a local store too.

“A new local business owner Stephanie Gibson has offered to let the girls have their product in her store,” Morgan said. “The store is called That Gibson. It’s a very cool shop with an owner that is very kind and community oriented.”

candied nuts in mason jar
Bean and bear candied nuts Photo by Rhonda Morgan

Originally the candied nuts were all about Morgan “spoiling” her youngest daughter.

Morgan explains “A little back story on the “spoiling” my youngest daughter. Abby was in and out of the hospital quite often for a couple of years and she ended up having a portion of her lung removed to help her breath better. While she was in the hospital Olivia thought she should be spoiled and made as happy as she could be. She saw how hard it was on her baby sister. She wanted to find a charity that would give things to kids in hard situations to make them feel better.”

The Recipe for Success?

The nuts are homemade. Olivia and Abby tried a few recipes before they decided on the best flavors to sell.

The nuts are sold in a mason jar and the butterscotch bars are packaged in a plastic bag since the latter can be a bit messy, Morgan added.

Abby chiming in “but they are super good.”

When the girls make a candied nut sale, they donate money from the sale to Texas Baptist Children’s Home to help foster children and help with adoption.

If you want to order the candied nuts for the holidays or into the new year the top two flavors are pecan praline and cinnamon sugar praline. Other flavors include pumpkin pie and coconut toffee, and nut choices are pecans, walnuts, cashews, and edamame.

Abby added “we make our orders every week so the nuts always taste good and Olivia included “We can drop off at your house, you can pick up at our house, or we can send it in the mail.”

To order call 559-652-7386 or

“The girls have truly big hearts and are always wanting to help others,” Morgan concluded. “Olivia came up with the idea of the charity, but Abby agreed wholeheartedly.”