Ochre House Presents World Premiere Of Original Man

Original Man
Original Man

Ochre House Presents World Premiere Of Original Man by Artistic Director Matthew Posey Oct. 28-Nov. 18

The riveting musical about Joe, a young man fighting to be free from an abusive father and a cruel, ruthless existence through an imaginary world he creates. ORIGINAL MAN features original music, magic realism, spectacle, and riveting tour de force performances. Press materials tell us, “The show speaks to the resilience of the soul and to undying hope in the face of adversity. Everyone dreams to become an Original Man.”

ORIGINAL MAN is written and directed by Matthew Posey, and features Marcus Stimac as Joe; Matthew Posey as Old Joe; Carla Parker as Percy Neville; and Justin Locklear as Lenny. Also featured in the cast are Darren McElroy as Roger (Roket), Chris Sykes as Cory, Christian Taylor as Mr. Butterfield, and Quinn Coffman as Tilly. Monet Lerner plays Shawnee, Trey Pendergrass is featured on drums, Aaron Gonzales is on bass, Kate Fisher is on keyboard, and Justin Locklear plays the guitar and serves as music director for the production.

ORIGINAL MAN features original lyrics written by the company. Stage manager is Korey Parker, set design is by Matthew Posey, scenic artist is Isaac Davies, and props are by Mitchell Parrack. Costume design is by Samantha Rodriguez and lighting design is by Kevin Grammer.

All performances will be held at the Ochre House Theater, 825 Exposition Ave. in Dallas, just across from Fair Park.

Half the box office proceeds on Saturday, November 3 will be donated to “Unidos”: a relief fund governed by The Hispanic Federation, benefitting victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. “Donate-What-You-Can” Night will be Monday, November 6. Admission is $17 for all regular performances Wed. through Sat. at 8:15 p.m. through Nov. 18. They can be purchased online at ochrehousetheater.org or by cash or credit at the door.

For more information or to make reservations online, visit ochrehousetheater.org or call 214-826-6273.