This week will be stereotypically Summer – but at least he humidity won’t be as intense.

Temperatures throughout the forecast period will be in the low-mid 100’s, ranging mostly from about 102°-104°. The risk of grass fires continues to increase as the ground continues to dry and winds pick up this week, and burn bans continue in Johnson and Navarro counties. Low humidity will make the temps feel less oppressive, but will make fires easier to start. Whether you’re in a burn ban or not, outdoor burning should be avoided. Additionally, Saharan dust is likely to blow in as winds pick up, so those sensitive to dust in the air should take precautions. This is is something we often see in the Summer, and it often makes for some nice sunsets in the evenings (it’s also limiting development in the tropics).

There is no relief in sight for the moment, so safety precautions must be observed and taken seriously. We’re in the peak of Summer conditions now, and will be there through mid-August. Time to stay safe and stay aware!