Flex Learning: Thoughts From An 8th Grader

Bessie Coleman
Bessie Coleman Middle School Eighth Grader Gabriella McDaniel-Daughtry.

CEDAR HILL, TX- When she first learned that all classes would become virtual, Gabriella McDaniel-Daughtry wasn’t sure what to expect.

But the Bessie Coleman Eighth Grader quickly adjusted to the new schedule, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

“I have my calendar plan for what I’m going to do for the day,” McDaniel-Daughtry said. “I make a schedule for how I’m going to manage it.”

McDaniel-Daughtry, who will enter Cedar Hill High School in August as a member of the Class of 2024, said Flex Learning has helped with her time management skills that will be essential in high school, college and beyond.

“If I don’t understand something, I can ask my teachers questions, and they can help me figure it out,” said McDaniel-Daughtry, who also credits her parents with helping her through Flex Learning.

McDaniel-Daughtry said Flex Learning allows her more time to “go through the slides, taking her time.”

Her favorite subjects are Math and Science.

“I’ve always loved math, learning about numbers and how to calculate things,” she said. “I enjoy Science because I get to learn about different types of experiments.”

She said it takes about three or four hours each day to complete her schoolwork. In addition to the core subjects, she works on projects from Art, Physical Education and Careers.

Sometimes, teachers set up Google Hangout, where scholars can discuss subject matter through video conference.

McDaniel-Daughtry was very involved in the campus, as a member of the Junior Honor Society and Student Council. She also participated in Cheer, Volleyball, Track and Basketball.

She is disappointed about missing milestone events such as the Bessie Coleman Eighth Grade Prom and the class trip to Six Flags over Texas in Arlington.

A CHISD scholar since Kindergarten, McDaniel-Daughtry said it is bittersweet to think about moving on to CHHS, knowing that she won’t have the opportunity to walk the halls of Bessie Coleman as a scholar.

“I’m going to miss walking through the halls and seeing my teachers,” McDaniel-Daughtry said. “I am looking forward to the new chapter of Cedar Hill High School.”

Years from now, McDaniel-Daughtry said she will reflect upon this chapter in her life.

“I’ll think about how it changed everything,” she said. “ It taught me different ways of learning and how to go through a process.”