First Responders and Health Care Workers Thank Community

midlothian police chief carl smith
City of Duncanville

Communities Unite To Thank Workers On The Front Line

First responders and health care workers in Best Southwest cities are working tirelessly to serve their community. They appreciate of all the efforts by members of their community to thank them for their service.

Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith said, “Very often, our citizens come by Midlothian Police Department to drop off notes of appreciation, baskets of fruit, and an occasional box of donuts, pizza, and even full meals. Nearly every major holiday Officers/Staff at Midlothian Police Department can count on our citizens and many of our local businesses/restaurants to provide snacks, meals and cards. Since the COVID-19 Virus has threatened the country, we have seen even more incredible support from our citizens, local retailers, and corporate members of the Midlothian Community.”

Amazed & Blessed

Chief Smith said, “We have received cash donations, boxes of the coveted N95 masks, lovingly made cloth masks, snacks, meals and sanitizer. We have also received offers to sanitize our vehicles potentially contaminated by anyone suspected of having the virus. Offers from local health care providers, waiving deductibles, as well as mental/emotional health providers also offering services to first responders feeling the stressful effects of this situation. More importantly, we have received supportive compliance from our community with recommendations from the CDC and more recently with Ellis County’s “Stay at Home” orders.

First responders and health care workers thank community
Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith

“The kindness, concern, and support we received from the Midlothian (Ellis County) Community is simply overwhelming,” Chief Smith said. “I have heard many of our officers say that they ‘are amazed and blessed’ by the support from our citizens. I know I speak for our entire staff when I say that the Citizens of Midlothian, our Corporate and Retail businesses, as well as local foundations are the best! We all feel so fortunate to work in this community, and it is our honor to serve you!”

Midlothian Fire Chief Dale McCaskill

Chief McCaskill reports, “We are experiencing a great outreach by our community right now. The Heroes of Midlothian Foundation has been supplying meals for all the on-duty firefighters each day, by buying prepared meals from local food vendors. Also, there has been a community-led initiative on social media to encourage people to buy a meal credit at local food vendors for first responders as a part of their meal order. The response has been overwhelming.”

“As a native Midlothian resident, I have been overwhelmed by the unselfish generosity of the people in our community. Our members that report to work each day and leave their families at home are proud to serve a community that cares so much. We don’t feel worthy of the gifts because so many of our residents are struggling during these unprecedented times. We are thankful that so many people in our community are willing to think of us as we battle the emotions of this pandemic. A coach once told me that tough times don’t last but tough people do,” Chief McCaskill said.

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Director of Community and Public Relations Angel Biasatti said, “It has been inspiring to see our community’s generosity and unwavering commitment to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. We are grateful for the restaurants and individuals who have provided meals, hand sanitizer, and so much more to our health care workers. We are here caring for our community and are truly blessed to have so many thoughtful people who have stepped up to support us.”

“If you would like to make a donation or provide meals to our heroic healthcare workers at Methodist Mansfield during this critical time, please contact Angel Biasatti at 682-242-6400.”

Duncanville First Responders

We received the following joint statement of gratitude for their community from Duncanville Police Chief Robert D. Brown, Jr. and Duncanville Fire Chief Sam Rohde.

“Even though the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent impacts have created challenges for many business owners and their employees, several businesses and churches have offered support to first responders over the past couple weeks. Duncanville Police and Fire have received gift cards, coupons, and free meals from local businesses to help provide relief to front line personnel.”

“Citizens have expressed concern for the safety of Duncanville emergency responders, and often share words of praise and encouragement. Duncanville is blessed with a strong community that comes together during difficult times, and now is one of those moments. On behalf of the Duncanville Police Department and the Duncanville Fire Department, THANK YOU to all the businesses, community partners and residents who continue to offer help and support to the men and women who work to keep the community safe. During this time the departments ask that people stay home, maintain appropriate social distance from others, and only venture out when necessary.”

“Stay Safe,” Duncanville Police Chief Robert D. Brown, Jr. & Duncanville Fire Chief Sam Rohde.

Check with your local restaurants and in your Facebook community groups to see how you can donate meals to first responders. We are all better together!