Ellis County Reports 454 Active COVID-19 Cases

Ellis County demographic breakdown of COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 Cases Continue To Increase

Tonight, Ellis County reports according to the Texas Health Trace (THT) data for July 10th, there are 1,604 total cases of COVID-19 in Ellis County, including 454 active cases and 1,130 recoveries. Yesterday Ellis County reported the death of an 82 year-old female of the City of Italy.

Math breakdown: 1604 total cases
454 active + 1130 recoveries= 1584
1584 + 20 deaths= 1604

Again we’ll also report the data from the DSHS dashboard as it continues to differ from THT. The DSHS dashboard is showing 802 active COVID-19 cases in Ellis County as of July 10 at 3:50 pm. They report 602 recoveries out of 1485 total cases.

Math breakdown: 1485 total cases
802 active + 602 recoveries= 1404
1404 + 20 deaths= 1424

1485-1424= 61 (where are the 61?)

Johns Hopkins COVID 19 data for Ellis County

Note from DSHS: Recovery and active case data by county lag data on other tabs by one day, and include publicly reported recoveries by local health departments.

Below is data from UT Health and shows the rate of contagiousness for Ellis County is increasing.

Ellis County COVID-19 Walk-up Testing Site: July 15 & 16
(This site does require registration)

Testing will be conducted at Ferris Junior High School, 1003 E 8th Street, Ferris, TX 75125; 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM in coordination with the Ferris and Ellis County EMC’s.