Ellis County COVID-19 Data Differs Depending On Source

Screenshot Ellis County COVID19 demographic breakdown

THT Report Shows Ellis County Has 285 Active Cases

Today, Ellis County per THT reports on July 20th, there are 1,909 reported positive cases of COVID-19 in Ellis County. At this time, there are 1,603 recoveries in Ellis County with a remainder of 285 active cases. There have been 21 deaths in Ellis County to date.

graph of Ellis County COVID-19 July 20

Looking at the data from other sources, there are still discrepancies in the numbers reported by Ellis County. Johns Hopkins University reports 1972 total positive cases in COVID-19 to date. Johns Hopkins does not break down the data into active and recovered cases.

Texas COVID-19 Data Resource by Texas 2036 also reports there are still 412 active COVID-19 cases in Ellis County. They also report 1,805 COVID-19 related ER visits ast of July 19. In trauma service E, there have been 729 suspected COVID-19 patients, with 1,910 confirmed as of July 19. Hospital bed availability in trauma service E, there are 20% of all bed available. Nineteen percent of ICU beds are available,and 60% of ventilators are available.

UT Health also reports 1972 total COVID-19 cases in Ellis County with 21 fatalities as of July 19. They do not report a breakdown of active cases or recoveries.

The DSHS dashboard shows as of July 20 at 4:25 pm, there are 1972 total COVID-19 cases in Ellis County. Recoveries are reported as 1,539 with 21 deaths. They show Ellis County has 412 active COVID-19 cases.

Ellis County COVID-19 DSHS Math Breakdown:

1972 Total COVID-19 Cases – 1539 (recoveries) = 433 

433- 21 deaths= 412 active cases

Questions: Why does the data Ellis County reports from THT differ from Johns Hopkins, Worldometers,Texas COVID-19 Data Resource by Texas 2036 , UT Health and DSHS?

Now for the good news, the 7 day positivity rate for the state of Texas has decreased to 15%. With that being said the Governor said anything above 10% is a red flag. Also, the daily number of new cases in Texas has decreased with 7,404 reported today.