Duncanville Boys Basketball Program Opts Out of UIL Post-Season Play

Duncanville basketball fans
Photo courtesy of Duncanville ISD Duncanville fans cheer on their Panthers en route to winning another Class 6A state championship.

Parents React To Duncanville ISD Decision

Statement from parents in reaction to Duncanville ISD decision to opt the boys basketball team out of UIL post season play.

“On behalf of the Duncanville High School Varsity Basketball team, the parents have decided to release a statement that we disagree with the actions of Duncanville’s Superintendent, Dr. Marc Smith and Duncanville ISD to release a press release today that they are willing to forego our participation in the basketball postseason for 2022-2023.

This decision has basically been forced on the district without the involvement of the parents or student athletes’ input, which we all deem immoral and unethical based on UIL’s decision to punish the district and force executive leadership to speak on our behalf and dismantle an entire athletic program.”

Superintendent says decision is in the best interest of students and the District

DUNCANVILLE, TX, November 11, 2022-The Duncanville High School boys’ basketball team will opt out of UIL post-season play for the 2022-2023 school year and rely on their national schedule to showcase their collective skills.


The decision comes after the UIL stripped the team of its 2022 Class 6A state championship and placed the team on three years’ probation after ruling the team used an ineligible player.

The family of the player sought and received six court orders from four different courts to allow him to keep playing. Duncanville ISD was not a party to the legal action, nor did it challenge the UIL’s earlier decision or take any legal action against the UIL. This was a legal dispute between a player, his family, and the UIL. At all times, Duncanville ISD followed the court orders.

After discussions with UIL officials, District personnel, and communication with the basketball team, Duncanville ISD Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith announced the decision and said it is in the best interest of the students, student athletes, the boys’ basketball program, the District, and community.

“We believe the UIL has a better understanding of our situation and will not impose any additional penalties if we opt-out of post-season play this school year,” said Dr. Smith. “Duncanville ISD respects the UIL, we are a proud member of the organization, and all of us want to expedite decisions that prove our commitment to winning with honor by following UIL rules,” Dr. Smith added.

The Superintendent said he is fully committed to working cooperatively and proactively with the UIL to enhance Duncanville ISD’s efforts to comply with all UIL rules.

The Duncanville boys’ basketball team will continue to compete according to their posted schedule, which includes district games.