The break from the heat was nice, but it’s back to reality this week – though it won’t be quite as oppressive as what we had last week.

Today most of us should stay below the century mark with highs in the upper 90’s, though I’m sure some of us will crack 100°. It won’t be quite as humid today, though, to heat index shouldn’t be too much of a factor.

The dome of high pressure is building back this week, and we’ll feel it starting tomorrow with highs jumping back to the low 100’s. Tuesday and Wednesday we creep closer to the mid 100’s, then should be back in the low 100’s by the latter half of the week and next weekend. We could get some breezy south winds this week, too, so we need to be conscious of the risk of quickly spreading grass fires as well. Humidity should be less intense compared to last week, too, which helps us not feel as hot – but can contribute to those fire concerns.

It’s another week that requires our vigilance, even if it’s tempting to blow it off and say “It’s Summer in Texas, this is normal.” Part of that norm is health risks and fire danger, so just stay mindful! That “I never thought it would happen to me” mindset is VERY common in those situations – we hear it all the time when bad things happen. Assume it can happen to you, BECAUSE IT CAN! Stay safe!