DeSoto Mayoral Candidate Kenzie Moore III

Kenzie Moore III
Kenzie Moore III is running for Mayor in the February 2nd election. His Place 7 position will be open and citizens in that district are urged to file by December 2nd. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

Q&A With Kenzie Moore III

DESOTO – The Special Election on February 2, 2021 in DeSoto has two candidates running for the vacant Mayoral seat. The open seat is to replace beloved mayor Curtistene McCowan who passed away late last year.

Both Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore III and Rachel Proctor are hoping to fill the mayoral seat in the upcoming election.

Early voting begins January 20 to January 29, 2021.

Focus Daily News asked Moore  these questions about his run for the mayoral seat. Watch in the week ahead for Proctor’s Q & A as well.

Focus Daily News: What are your goals for the remainder of the term if you win?

Kenzie Moore III: I want to continue moving our city forward with our 5-year strategy plan that we started while the mayor was alive, build trust back into the community and more transparent as well as two-way communication.

FDN: What are you hoping to bring to the city this term?

KM: Due to all the challenges that the city has been through the last three years, I’m hoping to stabilize our city with strong leadership so that we can move forward and address issues like how do we contain this virus from spreading in our city, how do we provide relief to our citizens who are having problems paying their rent and mortgage, how do we support our businesses and their employees? These are some of my major concerns we must address.

FDN: Why do you feel you are the best person for the job?

KM: I have been serving in the city of DeSoto for over 30 years in many capacities from School Board Trustee to Hospice Care Giver and Meals on Wheels, the WINGS program and many more. My leadership skills and the appointment of Mayor Pro Tem by City Council and Mayor McCowan demonstrated they had faith in me,  that I can lead our city in the event it was necessary.

FDN: How long have you lived in DeSoto?

KM: I have lived here since 1986.

FDN: What other city offices have you held in the past?

KM: DeSoto School Board Trustee for six years, I was Vice President.

FDN: What are some of the biggest changes you would like to make this term?

KM: None at this time, I want to listen to our citizens’, they will tell me what other changes they want. Right now, we need a strong leader who can bring stability to our city, someone who can collaborate with our school district and help to bring it back to excellence, someone who can work with other’s build trust and be inclusive.

FDN: Anything else you’d like to say about the upcoming election and the city?

KM: No, I think it’s time for us to heal and move forward and get back to making DeSoto the premier city we once were.