“Cinderella” Gets a Makeover in Updated Version

Cinderella Gets a Makeover
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Amazon Studios new musical version of “Cinderella,” written and directed by Kay Cannon, takes a decidedly different look at our favorite rags-to-riches heroine. This Cinderella stars Camila Cabello as a spunky, ambitious young woman who dreams of being a famous fashion designer. While she’s stuck in a dingy basement and forced to do all the chores for her overbearing stepmother (Idina Menzel) and lazy step-sisters, this modern-day heroine is too busy to worry about finding a prince.

“Cinderella” features Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Charming, a very reluctant prince who doesn’t seem too interested in ruling. Pierce Brosnan plays the king, Minnie Driver is the queen, and Tallulah Greive plays Princess Gwen, who’s much better suited to rule than her brother. Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer are Ella’s stepsisters, who nicknamed her Cinderella. Billy Porter plays her Fab G (a flamboyant substitute for the Fairy Godmother). Ella’s only friends are her basement buddies, three mice who turn into footmen, played by John Mulaney, James Corden, and Romesh Ranganathan.

Cinderella Features All-Star Cast

This “Cinderella” is a lot of fun, with an all-star cast and a feminist twist. All the beautiful ballgowns in this version are not necessarily created by magic, but some are designed by the heroine. The lively music propels the film forward, and features covers of hits written by such best-selling songwriters as Madonna (Material Girl), performed by Cinderella’s stepmother (Menzel) in her one big solo number. Moving far away from the Rodgers and Hammerstein version of “Cinderella,” this new version features rap, hip hop, and other forms of music as part of the score.

Cinderella gets a makeover
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Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect) wrote an directed this updated version of everyone’s favorite fairy tale. “Cinderella” is produced by Leo Pearlman, James Corden, Jonathan Kadin, and Shannon McIntosh. The film is rated PG for language and suggestive material, and runs 1 hour 53 minutes. It opens in area venues and streams on Amazon Prime on Sept. 3. “Cinderella” can be seen in DFW area at Movie Tavern Hulen Mall 13 in Fort Worth, and Legacy 24 and Cinemark West Plano 20 in Plano.