Cedar Hill Police Chief Reyes Message On Floyd’s Death

cedar hill police chief Ely Reyes
Cedar Hill Police Chief Ely Reyes

Message from the Cedar Hill Police Chief Reyes:

The events of this last week have reminded us of some very disturbing issues. As our communities were in the midst of recovering from a global pandemic, we are now addressing an even more troubling crisis.

As I watched the 10 minute video that showed the death of Mr. Floyd, it turned my stomach and I wanted to jump through the screen and throw that officer off of him. I also could not fathom why the other officers simply stood by and did nothing. The actions of one person and inactions of 3 others that were sworn to protect and serve was an utter failure to our police profession. These 4 cowards do not reflect the policing profession as a whole and certainly not your Cedar Hill Police Officers.

As the Chief of a department in a city that is more than 50% African American, I understand the impact that these events will have on the trust and the relationships that we have worked so hard to build in our community.

Cedar Hill Police Department Creates Training Program

This week, we created a training program that required all members of the department to watch the video in its entirety. In addition, we reiterated our responsibility to intervene and to report inappropriate conduct. I have also attended all of the patrol briefings to discuss the incident and how we must now work harder than ever to be caring and compassionate as we struggle to right the wrong that was done by a few.

I am proud to say that at the patrol briefing tonight, I was joined by Pastor Rodney Frazier, Tri-Cities NAACP President Janis Dunn and a passionate young community member Audrey Johnson who all shared messages with our officers. It is these types of partnerships that will help us get through this crisis and continue to build upon the great relationships we have had in our community in the past.

We are not perfect, but we try our best. We will continue to serve our community with respect and dignity and take every opportunity to build relationships with everyone we come into contact with.

Be Safe and Support one another, we are stronger together.

Ely Reyes
Chief of Police
Cedar Hill, Texas