Cedar Hill ISD Honors Staff Members With HOOPLA Awards

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(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) Seven Cedar Hill Independent School District Staff Members were surprised with Honoring Our Outstanding Paraprofessionals, Lead Educators and Administrators (HOOPLA) Spring Award on Tuesday morning.

Each honoree received a $50 gift card and a HOOPLA banner.

The winners were:


· Lorita Davis (Highlands Elementary School Restorative Aide)

· Teandrea Dise (Bessie Coleman Middle School Principal’s Secretary)

· Patricia Guiher (High Pointe Elementary School Special Education Aide)

· Tamika Jackson (Cedar Hill High School Diagnostician)

· Delecia Key (Collegiate Academy & High School Principal’s Secretary)

· LaConya Ponder (Bessie Coleman Middle School AVID Coordinator)

· Kathy Shaw (CHISD Business Office Benefits Coordinator)


The individuals who provided the nominations had the following to say about the honorees:


Davis: “Mrs. Davis leads with heart, expects excellence, and empowers others. Anyone in her presence can feel her energy. She is positive and well-respected by all (scholars and colleagues). She will smile and greet everyone in her path. She celebrates successes, even the small ones. She is such an inspiration. I think I speak for everyone when I say she is truly appreciated.”


Dise: “Mrs. Dise is one of the kindest persons alive. She cares about our scholars. She will go the extra mile to make sure that our children are safe. She is a co-sponsor of the crafting club where she dedicates her extra time and talents to show scholars how to craft”


Guiher: “Ms. Guiher does an amazing job with her SPED scholars. She is the only one for Math SPED Support and works well with all scholars in grades, 2-5. She goes above and beyond for her students and staff by jumping in whenever and wherever we need help. She does not get enough recognition for what she is doing.”


Jackson: “Mrs. Jackson has been so helpful to the SPED department in the High School. Even though she is the only diagnostician (we’ve always had two on our campus), she has helped train so many of us on the new systems as well as classroom support. She has always pushed each of us to achieve at our highest and strive for greatness out of necessity of the kids. Her heart is always in the right place, and she is just the definition of someone who goes above and beyond her duties in order to make CHHS a better place for our special needs populations and the staff who serve them.”


Key: “Ms. Key goes above and beyond to make sure every scholar is welcomed into the building every morning. She always has a smile on her face. Sometimes you can hear her singing, even to the scholars Whatever song she is singing, she incorporates the school or the students themselves into the song. She knows their names and engages them in conversation (or song) which makes them feel important and connected to the school. Every staff member and every parent receives the same warm, welcoming hello.”


Ponder: “She has proven to be an exceptional educator, not only ensuring the progress of my children and others but also displaying remarkable resourcefulness.”


Shaw: “Kathy goes above and beyond to assist staff with benefits enrollment. She is very detailed in the information that she provides. She is very knowledgeable and helpful when explaining the intricacies of the various benefits. Additionally, Kathy is very involved in making sure employees are taken care of when they have an on-the-job injury, which can be a very stressful situation.”

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