Buckle Up! Kubota Machines are Taking Over Crayola Experience

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Kids will scoop, haul, build and color the town orange with full- and kid-sized Kubota machinery to add their creative touches to Crayonville. Limited-time takeover starts Sept. 27

PLANO, Texas (Sept. 20, 2022) – I remember when my kids were younger and were obsessed with construction equipment. We could find a nearby construction site and sit for an hour or longer watching excavators, bulldozers and more. So, if you have kids that like hands-on activities and love equipment, Crayola in Plano has the perfect event for you.

With kids in the driver’s seat, Texas-based Kubota Tractor Corporation—one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the U.S—is overhauling the fictional town of Crayonville at Crayola Experience Plano for a larger-than-life takeover Sept. 27- Oct. 31, 2022.

An outdoor kickoff event featuring full- and kid-sized Kubota equipment will be held for the general public on opening day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Kubota Machine Adventures” will have kids (and kids at heart) engaging in more than 20 new hands-on activities featuring Kubota’s iconic orange equipment—including an excavator, tractor, and UTV—across Crayonville. Throughout the immersive experience, families will discover how the human power of creativity and the machine power of Kubota equipment together can drive innovation to build better and stronger communities.

Like all things Crayola, the community of Crayonville runs on children’s creativity and

kid holding Crayola craft
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To add their own creative touch to the transformed family attraction, kids will:

  • create their own Kubota Machine Adventures I.D. badges;
  • hop on a kid-sized tractor to dig Crayola flower beds;
  • build a rainbow high rise out of crayon box “bricks”;
  • snap photos with REAL Kubota equipment;
  • scoop, load and dump at a 3D projection sand table;
  • transform crayon shavings into “grass clippings” art;
  • name and wrap their own Kubota-inspired crayon;
  • engineer their own ultimate Kubota machine of the future; and more.

“We’ve created an amazing opportunity for thousands of children to learn through creativity how equipment is used to design and build the world around us,” said Warren Schorr, Senior Vice President Business Development, Global Licensing, & Experiences. “Kids will have fun using their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills—along with Kubota machines—to bring to life the colorful community of Crayonville and discover how they can build a better future.”

For more information, including remaining national tour dates for the adventure, visit
CrayolaExperience.com/Kubota. The limited-time, kid-powered experience is included in the
price of admission. New this summer is the 2022 Color Card membership that gives guests
unlimited visits to Crayola Experience through Dec. 31, 2022, for the same cost as a full-priced admission ticket.

In addition to the takeover events, the partnership has extended the experience to include:

  • A special edition Kubota Coloring & Activity Book featuring scenes of Crayola characters
    using Kubota equipment to get Crayonville ready for a big town festival. The 48-page
    coloring book is available for purchase at participating U.S. Kubota dealers,
    KubotaUSA.com and The Crayola Store inside Crayola Experience locations.
  • Free, downloadable at-home crafts and coloring pages.
  • Classroom activities and educational content developed by Crayola Education and
    Kubota to inspire students to think of ways they can add their voices to community
    improvement plans.
  • The second-annual Kubota Country Kids Coloring Contest for kids 12-years-old and
    younger. Contest runs May 17 to Dec. 31, 2022.
  • Kubota’s new online experience at KubotaCountryKids.com where adults can engage
    with kids through activities and projects around their property and in their communities
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